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Collaborations and Partnerships


Metro Vancouver Housing has worked with many different partners to build and operate affordable housing across our region, including federal and provincial governments, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. Our partnerships with local community organizations are key to providing services for our tenants in the pursuit of supportive and inclusive communities.

Our region is facing an affordable housing crisis. To support this need, Metro Vancouver Housing is taking bold steps to increase our affordable housing portfolio. However, we know we can’t do it alone. Partnerships will be essential to address the shortage of affordable housing in our region.

Metro Vancouver Housing is seeking to partner wi​th a wide range of public, private, and non-profit housing stakeholders to build, manage, and preserve affordable rental housing across the region. Check out the Metro Vancouver Housing 10-Year Plan to learn more.​​



Metro Vancouver Housing 10-Year Plan, Metro Vancouver Housing 10-Year PlanMetro Vancouver Housing 10-Year Plan

​​​Contact us at​​​​​

Development highlights ​​​



Renewing our housing, Renewing our housingRenewing our housing<div class="ExternalClassD11CEEC30E964086AE29F3F51CB9D1BE"><p>Metro Vancouver Housing invests in maintaining and renewing our housing si​tes to provide q​​uality housing​ and reduce our energy use.<br></p></div>​<br>, Renewing our housing
Funding for building renewal, Funding for building renewalFunding for building renewal<div class="ExternalClass5BFE71536C584F8B968C81B8512F8FC3"><p>​​Metro Vancouver Housing received $5.6M from the federal government ​to support the retrofit and renewal of 8 of our sites! Renewing our buildings helps to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption, refresh the look and feel, adapt to changing climate, and improve comfort for tenants.<br></p></div>, Funding for building renewal
Building new affordable homes, Building new affordable homesBuilding new affordable homes<div class="ExternalClass09D9D8184C484746BCCCE635C2D20ADF"><p>​​​As one of the largest affordable housing providers in the region, we recogni​ze the need to build mo​re homes through redevelopment of existing sites and new sites.​<br></p></div>, Building new affordable homes
Building new homes in Burnaby, Building new homes in BurnabyBuilding new homes in Burnaby<div class="ExternalClassF75A096D2C1B46BB9FC9FCD158571765"><p>​​​Metro Vancouver Housing is building new h​​omes in Burnaby’s Edmonds neighbourhood. This family-oriented project will include 120 homes and an affordable childcare centre. <br></p></div>, Building new homes in Burnaby
Building new homes in Port Coquitlam, Building new homes in Port CoquitlamBuilding new homes in Port Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClassCC9346E4287B49E1879EBCB7D485319E"><p>Metro Vancouver Housing is constructing a new affordable family rental project in Port Coquitlam. This project is expected to be complete in late 2024.</p>​<br></div>, Building new homes in Port Coquitlam
Building momentum on the 10-Year Plan, Building momentum on the 10-Year PlanBuilding momentum on the 10-Year Plan<div class="ExternalClass696A700B32AB44679B3959F144B5191C"><p>Metro Vancouver Housing is moving forward with the second phase of its expansion under the 10-Year Plan to build new and redeveloped homes across the region. With funding from BC Housing, we are on track to deliver 2,000+ new and redeveloped affordable rental homes over 10 years.​<br></p></div>, Building momentum on the 10-Year Plan

Information for potential partners

Federal and provincial governments

The Province, through BC Housing, and Metro Vancouver, through Metro Vancouver Housing, have signed a memoran​dum of understanding (MOU) that will result in the construction of approximately 2,000 affordable homes over a 10-year-period at priority sites identified by Metro Vancouver Housing.

Metro Vancouver is already in the process of developing the first phase of housing, also supported by the Province. The first phase will provide approximately 660 new homes the following five sites, supported with a provincial investment of $158 million.

Subsequent funding will be announced for the additional sites at a later date. Metro Vancouver is contributing land and cash equity valued at more than $367 million over the 10 years, and is working to leverage federal funding support.

The next phases outlined in the 10-Year Plan include new developments at Riverside Drive (District of North Vancouver) and Poplar Landing (New Westminster), as well as redevelopment at the following sites:


Metro Vancouver Housing is looking to connect with member jurisdictions to identify opportunities for partnership to develop new affordable rental housing across the region. As participants in the region’s affordable housing function, member jurisdictions are natural partners to collaborate with to develop new affordable housing throughout the region.

We recognize that some member jurisdictions may have limited available land, and therefore encourage members to contact us to discuss other opportunities for collaboration. Metro Vancouver Housing is looking to increase its housing portfolio, through the development of new sites, but also through redevelopment of existing sites and through other innovative partnerships.

To discuss opportunities for partnership on member jurisdiction lands, contact us:​​​​​.

Community partnerships

Partnerships with local community organizations are key to providing services for our tenants in the pursuit of supportive and inclusive communities. The partnerships listed below are an essential element of our success.​

We also work with a wide range of local governments, agencies, community organizations, and service providers to support tenants to access the services they need.

Development partnerships

Metro Vancouver Housing is seeking to partner with developers delivering affordable housing. MVH has 50 years of experience developing and managing affordable housing and can assist in meeting municipal affordability requirements as a part of rezoning approvals. Please contact us​​​​​ to discuss your in-process project. ​​



Why Partner with Metro Vancouver Housing, Why Partner with Metro Vancouver HousingWhy Partner with Metro Vancouver Housing


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