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About Metro Vancouver


​​Metro Vancouver is a diverse organization that plans for and delivers regional utility services, including water, sewers and wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. It also regulates air quality, plans for urban growth, manages a regional parks system, provides affordable housing, and serves as a regional federation. The organization is a federation of 21 municipalities, one electoral area, and one treaty First Nation located in the region of the same name. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors of elected officials from each me​mber jurisdiction.

In collaboration with our members, Metro Vancouver has three broad roles.

Deliver core services

Metro Vancouver provides regional utility services related to drinking water, liquid waste, and solid waste to members. Provide regional services, including parks and affordable housing, directly to residents and act as the local government for Electoral Area A.

Plan for the future

Carry out planning and regulatory responsibilities related to the three utilities as well as air quality, regional growth, and regional parks. At the board level, develop and implement strategies related to issues of regional interest.

Municipal forum

Serve as the main political forum for discussion of significant community issues at the regional level.​



Governance Structure, GovernanceGovernance Structure<div class="ExternalClass5E29C9FA9D6F4A56BC589E1E23FB9D9A">​Metro Vancouver is governed by elected officials from 21 municipalities, Electoral Area A, and scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ (Tsawwassen First Nation).</div>
Careers, CareersCareers<div class="ExternalClassDF33013FAE3C41A79E73218A44E64343">​Join us as we help shape the place people want to be – Metro Vancouver, one of the world’s most livable regions.</div>
Board Strategic Plan, Board Strategic PlanBoard Strategic Plan<div class="ExternalClassA507DCC004814A81BCFBC2947CD81E82">The Board Strategic Plan provides a framework for decisions the Metro Vancouver Board will take to address regional priorities. ​<br></div>
Commissioner/CAO and Leadership Team, CAO and Leadership TeamCommissioner/CAO and Leadership Team<div class="ExternalClassDAE049EDA65F44D39C49498730121391">Meet the Metro Vancouver Commissioner and CAO and the leadership team.​<br></div>
Budgets and Financial Plans, Budgets and Financial PlansBudgets and Financial Plans<div class="ExternalClassE6DF3F90CE554D8D82DD9E844286AE4C">View Metro Vancouver’s transparent budget and financial planning process. ​<br></div>
Indigenous Relations, Indigenous RelationsIndigenous Relations<div class="ExternalClass2B455F83653344C58A7E64D6AF292EA1">Learn about the traditional territories of 10 local First Nations and Metro Vancouver's commitment to reconciliation. ​<br></div>
Community Engagement, Community EngagementCommunity Engagement<div class="ExternalClass6950D709C2AF420794D188721C4C0717">​Metro Vancouver’s committed to engagement and see upcoming public engagement opportunities.​<br></div>
Accessibility Plan, Metro Vancouver's Accessibility PlanAccessibility Plan<div class="ExternalClassDF93F7CE8CE7452EB15C4830D87539C9"><p>This plan reflects a dedication to breaking down barriers and marks the next step toward becoming a more accessible and inclusive region.</p>​<br></div>
Metro Vancouver Newsletters, Metro Vancouver NewslettersMetro Vancouver Newsletters<div class="ExternalClassB78AA20EFF30467EA8C5535C2F23084B"><p>Sign up to receive​ the latest information about the issues and initiatives that are shaping the lives of the region's residents.<br></p></div>
Metro Vancouver Library, LibraryMetro Vancouver Library <div class="ExternalClassDA70B0CAF1D24393BB17BEADC00B4093"><p>​Metro Vancouver ​library serves Metro Vancouver staff, consultants, member jurisdiction staff​, and the public.​​<br></p></div>



Metro Vancouver Overview Metro Vancouver Overview 705957445



Metro Vancouver Overview, Metro Vancouver OverviewMetro Vancouver Overview
Metro Vancouver Services Backgrounder, Metro Vancouver Services BackgrounderMetro Vancouver Services Backgrounder
Board Strategic Plan 2019–2022: May 2021 Update, Board Strategic Plan 2019–2022: May 2021 Update Board Strategic Plan 2019–2022: May 2021 Update
Board Strategic Plan: 2019-2022 Look Back, Board Strategic Plan: 2019-2022 Look Back Board Strategic Plan: 2019-2022 Look Back

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