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Regional Data
| Metro Vancouver



About Regional Planning, AboutAbout Regional Planning<div class="ExternalClassD6A37554A36347D2A37075E337E00110"><p>​The role of Regional Planning, including developing, implementing, and stewarding Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy.​​<br></p></div>
Metro 2050: Regional Growth Strategy, Metro 2050: Regional Growth StrategyMetro 2050: Regional Growth Strategy<div class="ExternalClassD9660E7206F5481EBBF3679A88BC72D7"><p>​Metro 2050 information including goals, performance monitoring, annual reports, amendments and updates, and regional context statements.​<br></p></div>
Regional Data, Regional DataRegional Data<div class="ExternalClassB43B2567B0FF470D9BA4C4BF68D68C75"><p>​Current data, projections, and maps, including the Housing Data Book.​​<br></p></div>
Planning Priorities, Planning PrioritiesPlanning Priorities<div class="ExternalClassF7E478AB260144A1A42F99C87088A361"><p>​Urban centres, industrial lands and employment, housing, transportation, agriculture, and the environment in Metro Vancouver.​<br></p></div>
Resources and Studies, Resources and StudiesResources and Studies<div class="ExternalClassE927BF60549644A9BD32613C5781FF35"><p>​A searchable database of resources and studies, including key projects and initiatives.​<br></p></div>
Projects and Initiatives, Projects and InitiativesProjects and Initiatives<div class="ExternalClassB3034D2AAE6B4D088DAE3BAAB85AB25F"><p>Current projects and initiatives, including agriculture awareness grants. Subscribe to the mailing list for updates.​​<br></p></div>




Regional Data Projections, Regional Data Projections Regional Data Projections <div class="ExternalClass5C0BC1A59D914B85805386D4C3C583A4"><p>​A collection of Metro Vancouver data, including employment, development, population, and the economy.​​<br></p></div>
Housing Data Book, Housing Data BookHousing Data Book<div class="ExternalClass9D1AAD9C67264FFA94B9BA0D59B51608"><p>​A large collection of regional and municipal level housing data.​​<br></p></div>
Regional Growth Strategy Maps, Regional Growth Strategy MapsRegional Growth Strategy Maps<div class="ExternalClass3F065695577D4D90949C15907E268530"><p>​View all Metro 2050 maps, including targets, and an interactive land use designation map.​<br></p></div>


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