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Budgets and Financial Plans


​Metro Vancouver provides services that are key to the prosperity, resilience, equity, and livability of the region through four legal entities: Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD), Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD), and Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation (MVHC). 

The majority of Metro Vancouver’s operating and capital budgets are financed primarily through utility fees for our core services: drinking water supply, sewerage, and solid waste management. 

Property taxes account for a small portion of the Metro Vancouver budget and support the regional parks system, as well as other services including air quality management and regional planning activities. 

Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation is a non-profit organization owned by the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Ongoing operations of Metro Vancouver’s housing is financed almost entirely through rents paid by tenants. Investment in new affordable housing over the next 10 years comes from Metro Vancouver in conjunction with various affordable housing funding bodies.

​About the budgeting process​​



Metro Vancouver Budget ProcessMetro Vancouver Budget Process446969125

​​​Budgeting​​ schedule​​

  • January-February - Financial Plan Task Force
  • ​​​​Spring - Board Budget Workshop on the financial plan and recommendations from Financial Plan Task Force
  • Spring-Summer - Metro Vancouver reviews long-term plans, including need to upgrade assets or build new infrastructure, and engages with member jurisdictions for alignment on their own capital work
  • Fall - Board Budget Workshop with opportunity for public input on budget
  • October - Metro Vancouver Board of Directors considers the next year’s budget and five-year financial plan and approves as appropriate

2024 Budget and Financial Plan

The 2024 - 2028 Metro Vancouver Financial Plan has been prepared following direction received at the April 19, 2023 Metro Vancouver Board Budget Workshop. The direction followed the recommendations of the Financial Plan Task Force, which included the following household impact targets: 12.0% for 2024, 11.0% for 2025, 5.0% for 2026 and 5.0% for 2027 as well as direction to move Liquid Waste Development Cost Charges (DCCs) and Water DCCs to a 1% assist factor and implement a new Regional Parks DCC and move it to a 1% assist factor over the financial plan. This has resulted in a plan that maintains the goals and objectives of Metro Vancouver while minimizing the impact on ratepayers through realistic evaluation of the capital program and focussing on the development of growth revenue.

​2024 budget at-a-glance

  • Average household impact is $698 for all regional services, a $75 increase over the prior year (previously projected to be $711 for 2024)
  • 12.0% household impact increase compared to 14.2% previously projected for 2024 
  • Total operating budget is $1.21 billion

Documents and reports​



Overview of 2024 Metro Vancouver Budget, Overview of 2024 Metro Vancouver BudgetOverview of 2024 Metro Vancouver Budget
2024 - 2028 Financial Plan, 2024 - 2028 Financial Plan2024 - 2028 Financial Plan
2024 - 2028 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports, 2024 - 2028 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports2024 - 2028 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports

collapse Group : 2023 ‎(4)
Overview of 2023 Metro Vancouver BudgetOverview of 2023 Metro Vancouver Budget
2023 Audited Financial Statement2023 Audited Financial Statement
2023 - 2027 Financial Plan2023 - 2027 Financial Plan
2023 - 2027 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports2023 - 2027 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports
collapse Group : 2022 ‎(6)
2022 Statement of Financial Information (Public List) 2022 Statement of Financial Information (Public List)
Overview of 2022 Metro Vancouver BudgetOverview of 2022 Metro Vancouver Budget
2022 Audited Financial Statements2022 Audited Financial Statements
2022-2026 Financial Plan2022-2026 Financial Plan
2022-2026 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports2022-2026 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports
2022 Annual Financial Report2022 Annual Financial Report
collapse Group : 2021 ‎(6)
Overview of 2021 Metro Vancouver BudgetOverview of 2021 Metro Vancouver Budget
2021 Audited Financial Statements2021 Audited Financial Statements
2021-2025 Financial Plan2021-2025 Financial Plan
2021 Statement of Financial Information2021 Statement of Financial Information
2021-2025 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports2021-2025 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports
2021 Annual Financial Report2021 Annual Financial Report
collapse Group : 2020 ‎(5)
2020-2024 Financial Plan Report to Metro Vancouver Boards2020-2024 Financial Plan Report to Metro Vancouver Boards
2020 Audited Financial Statements2020 Audited Financial Statements
2020-2024 Financial Plan2020-2024 Financial Plan
2020-2024 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports 2020-2024 Financial Plan Standing Committee Reports
2020 Annual Financial Report2020 Annual Financial Report


The​ Canadian Award for Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada recognizes Canadian local governments that go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounti​ng principles to prepare annual financial reports in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure.

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