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Projects and Initiatives
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About Solid Waste Services, About Solid Waste ServicesAbout Solid Waste Services<div class="ExternalClassE83D05C03FEB4421B68FCF0C92FF0F33"><p>Overview of waste management in the region including the solid waste management plan, bylaws and regulations, reports and campaign materials.​​<br></p></div>
Solid Waste Facilities, Solid Waste FacilitiesSolid Waste Facilities<div class="ExternalClassC7867BD459B64D6AAFC0506C38E0AE32"><p>Includes recycling and waste disposal locations, recycling search tool, cost estimator, and commercial account information. ​​<br></p></div>
Reduction and Reuse Programs, Reduction and Reuse ProgramsReduction and Reuse Programs<div class="ExternalClassB05F47534F9D4698A731C560C86D1AEF"><p>Information on priority materials for reduction and reuse in our region for residents and businesses.​<br></p></div>
Recycling Programs, Recycling ProgramsRecycling Programs <div class="ExternalClass11EDF4E47D444D688F4832B9D785AB02"><p>Includes information on both recyclable and non-recyclable material, as well as recycling resources for residents and businesses. ​<br></p></div>
Waste-to-Energy and Disposal, Waste-to-Energy and Disposal Waste-to-Energy and Disposal <div class="ExternalClass726422039664454C97718858FE5CDF98"><p>Waste disposal information including guidance for construction/demolition waste and pet waste.​<br></p></div>
Projects and Initiatives, Projects and InitiativesProjects and Initiatives<div class="ExternalClass1481119473414E48B3726128E64146BC"><p>Community engagement opportunities for municipalities, businesses and the general public.​<br></p></div>




Solid Waste Management Plan Update, Solid Waste Management Plan Update Solid Waste Management Plan Update <div class="ExternalClass93421F4201C944ABA3AB55ECD7C17701"><p>Metro Vancouver is updating its plan and seeking public input to shape how our region manages waste for the next decade.<br></p></div>
Solid Waste and Recycling Industry Advisory Committee, Solid Waste and Recycling Industry Advisory CommitteeSolid Waste and Recycling Industry Advisory Committee <div class="ExternalClass1BDAE34E923F4ED4BA7A2DEA5878BF36"><p>Supports management planning, operations and policy issues related to solid waste and recycling services in Metro Vancouver.<br></p></div>
Waste-to-Energy Facility District Energy System, Waste-to-Energy Facility District Energy SystemWaste-to-Energy Facility District Energy System <div class="ExternalClass7F21C8A3FA0F43A39DE7DDA171C79E84"><p>This system will supply heat and hot water to homes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.</p></div>
Solid Waste Engagement Mailing List, Solid Waste Engagement Mailing ListSolid Waste Engagement Mailing List <div class="ExternalClassE3025D126B024C2795254B908F54392B"><p>Residents can sign up to receive updates on specific aspects of solid waste projects and initiatives.<br></p></div>
Smart Waste Program and Draft Tipping Fee Bylaw Updates, Smart waste program and draft Tipping Fee Bylaw UpdatesSmart Waste Program and Draft Tipping Fee Bylaw Updates<div class="ExternalClassCD0D560046974813B88E7DDF600F3D9D"><p>Information and opportunities for engagement and feedback. ​<br></p></div>
Notice of Bylaw Violation – Licensed Solid Waste Facilities, Notice of Bylaw Violation – Licenced Solid Waste FacilitiesNotice of Bylaw Violation – Licensed Solid Waste Facilities<div class="ExternalClassAF2B1E6FB262414F906567A4A79E2F38"><p>Metro Vancouver is developing a new bylaw to encourage licensed solid waste facility owners and operators to comply with the Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Regulatory Bylaw No. 181.​<br></p></div>

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