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Emergency Management


Metro Vancouver’s emergency management role covers planning and response related to the delivery of services including drinking water, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, housing, regional parks, and Electoral Area A. The corporate emergency management program focuses on strategic planning, readiness exercises, and tactical response. Metro Vancouver works closely with member jurisdictions, interagency organizations such as the Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management (IPREM), the Ministry of Emergency and Climate Readiness, including other provincial partners and federal agencies, to help ensure effective communication, collaboration, and coordination between the many agencies involved in emergency response.​



9-1-1 Service, 9-1-1 Service9-1-1 Service<div class="ExternalClass709A19CA349144738B0AD08699A5771A"><p>Metro Vancouver is responsible for 9-1-1 call answer services within the region. These are provided by our business partner and service provider, E-Comm 9-1-1.​​<br></p></div>
Emergency Planning, Emergency PlanningEmergency Planning <div class="ExternalClass25638D7937774C6C86FCA4AF4AA2CAD4">Emergency preparedness resources in Metro Vancouver and BC.​<br></div>
Emergency Notification System Sign Up, Emergency Notification System Sign UpEmergency Notification System Sign Up <div class="ExternalClass95D75F84B7C341F8B13F632438C37165"><p>Sign up to receive free emergency alerts from Metro Vancouver through Alertable.​​<br></p></div>



Wildfire Preparedness and ResponseWildfire Preparedness and Response219167593

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