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The Connection




The ConnectionThe Connection<div class="ExternalClassC5B1C55DB2F74045A44526447B37CA0D"><p>​Metro Vancouver Housing is preparing to develop a new affordable, family-oriented rental housing project at its property at 7730 6th Street in Burnaby. The project will redevelop 30 aging townhouses to create over 170 homes along with an in-home daycare. Homes will include a mix of sizes, with a focus on larger family units, and accessible, age-friendly design to support people of all ages and abilities.</p><p>Centrally located in the heart of Burnaby’s 6th​ Street Area, the site is ideal for families with close access to transit as well as a wide range of shops and services, including essentials like groceries and healthcare. Directly adjacent to Eastburn Park, residents will have convenient access to green space as well as many other neighbourhood parks, sports fields, a stadium track, arena, and community centre. The site is also near numerous elementary and secondary schools, daycare, post-secondary, and cultural venues such as Massey Theatre.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassFC316A91945D432F8526E00C9C4DCE22"><ul><li> <strong>Affordability: </strong>All homes will provide some level of affordability and the building will be mixed income for low to moderate income working households.</li><li> <strong></strong><strong>Accessibility: </strong>All homes will be either accessible or meet universal design standards. This will support people with disabilities, and support seniors to age in place.</li><li> <strong>Sustainability:</strong> The building will be high-performing, balancing affordability with energy-efficient design to support tenant comfort and climate action.</li><li> <strong>Amenities: </strong>Indoor and outdoor tenant amenities will provide flexible, multi-use spaces for people of all ages.</li><li> <strong>In-home daycare:</strong> A purpose built in-home daycare will be located in a ground floor unit to support up to eight multi-age child care spaces for residents and others in the community.<br></li></ul></div>, Eastburn Square<div class="ExternalClass53A18F8A81784F3B90433D52CBD1D5FA"><p>​Metro Vancouver Housing is not currently accepting waitlist applications for this building. Once the building is complete, Low-End-of-Market (affordable) units for moderate income households will be advertised publicly at <a href="/housing" target="_blank"></a>. Subsidized units are selected through the Housing Registry – for more information, contact <a href="" target="_blank">BC Housing</a>.</p><div class="ExternalClass1407090D376F490AB4A475C95FFA596E"><p>To ensure that affordable homes go to those who need them most, income and occupancy restrictions apply. Visit the <a href="/services/housing/apply-for-housing" target="_blank">Apply for Housing</a> page to learn more.</p>​<br></div></div><div class="ExternalClass37EE013F40B641578CAF71B8001F19E6"><p>​​The site was formerly called “Eastburn Square.” It was renamed in February 2023 after consultation and engagement with the community.</p><p>The location has a historic relationship to the Central Park Line, the first interurban electric streetcar system in the region. “The Connection” honours the relationship to transportation innovation in this area of East Burnaby. </p><p>Learn more about how names are selected for Metro Vancouver Housing sites: </p><ul><li>Metro Vancouver Housing Committee report dated January 17, 2023, titled “<a href="" target="_blank">Names for Selected Metro Vancouver Housing New Development and Redevelopment Projects</a>”</li><li> <a href="/services/housing/Documents/metro-vancouver-housing-naming-framework.pdf" target="_blank">Metro Vancouver Housing Naming Framework</a></li></ul></div>





Design and permittingDesign and permitting1
Deconstruction and pre-constructionDeconstruction and pre-construction0
Anticipated completion: 2026 Anticipated completion: 2026 0



The ConnectionThe Connection<div class="ExternalClassE3385C5A03104C1580F1A6A68ECDEAC6"><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-envelope"> </i></span> <a href="" target="_blank">Email</a> ​ </li></ul>​ </div>

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