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Illegal Dumping


Put Waste in its Place

Waste in It's Place


Abandoning household items on public or private property is considered illegal dumping. A desk left in a laneway, a mattress placed behind an apartment building, or bags of garbage dropped next to a public bin – it's all illegal and it costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year to clean up.​​​

Find large-item and trash disposal options and help keep your community clean:



Abandoned Waste 101 - Waste in its Place - CampaignAbandoned Waste 101 - Waste in its Place - Campaign323950820
Where Does a Mattress Live? Waste in its Place - CampaignWhere Does a Mattress Live? Waste in its Place - Campaign316005064

Additional resources

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Learn how to safely dispose of used PPE items like masks and gloves.
  • Gypsum Disposal – Learn where to take used gypsum and how to package it for safe disposal.
  • Think Thrice About Your Clothes Campaign – Learn how to donate or recycle old or unwanted clothing.
  • Property or Strata Managers – Keep this poster in your building’s disposal area to inform your tenants of how to dispose of unwanted household items.

Download the poster​​​​



MV - Abandoned Waste - Poster - Abandoned Waste - Poster

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Solid waste facilities temporary closure notices

Metro Vancouver has initiated a new service to provide real-time notice of any facilities temporary closures. To be notified, sign up for Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Facilities Temporary Closure Notices via SMS (text notification).

Text 778-655-9200 with the message JOIN


Scan the QR code​

Solid Waste Facilities Temporary Closure Notice SMS - QR Code

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