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Agriculture and healthy food systems

Metro Vancouver supports a sustainable, resilient, and healthy food system by advancing regional agriculture and food policy. Metro Vancouver works with member municipalities, provincial agencies, and other organizations to:

  • Protect the regional supply of agricultural land
  • Increase the amount of actively farmed land
  • Strengthen the economic viability of food production in the region
  • Promote the reduction of food waste
  • Increase agriculture and local healthy food awareness
  • Develop an action plan for local governments to support the Regional Food System Strategy

Regional Food System Strategy

Population growth and the agricultural land reserve (ALR)

As the region grows, agricultural lands are increasingly at risk of being used for non-farming purposes. This land is the foundation for regional food security and agricultural economic development, and provides indispensable ecological services. In 2011, Metro Vancouver had 60,893 ha in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), which makes up 22 per cent of the region’s land base. The ALR is a provincial designation that protects lands for farming.

Agricultural Land Use Inventory

Find more resources and​​ studies on agriculture​​​​​​​​​​​​

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