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Conveyance Project




Conveyance ProjectConveyance Project<div class="ExternalClassCE8C641AA8724944924D09E59DF31D28"><p>​​​A new pump station and new pipes are needed to move wastewater from West Vancouver to the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, and to move treated wastewater from the new plant to the existing outfall pipe, which will remain in service. Construction of the pump station and a large portion of the conveyance piping is complete. There will be a future phase of construction to install the remaining pipes, see below for more information. ​<br></p><h3>Completed work on the Conv​​eyance Project</h3><p>In early September 2022, the North Shore Conveyance Partners (Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. and Michels Canada) completed their work on the North Shore Conveyance Project.</p><p>This work, which started in late 2018, included the design and construction of:</p><ul><li>The new First Narrows Pump Station</li><li>Approximately three kilometres of conveyance pipes</li><li>​The tie-in to connect the newly constructed pipe, which will carry treated wastewater from the new treatment plant, to the existing marine outfall<br><br></li><p> <img src="/services/liquid-waste/ConstructionImages/first_narrows_pump_station.jpg" alt="" /> </p><p>The newly constructed First Narrows Pump Station, located under the Lions Gate Bridge (exterior – left image; interior pumps and equipment – right image) will help to move wastewater from West Vancouver to the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant. The building façade features original artwork by James Harry (commissioned by North Shore Conveyance Partners and Metro Vancouver – see inset). The pump station has received two awards: a 2022 Vancouver Regional Construction Association <a href="" target="_blank">Award of Excellence​</a>​, and a 2023 British Columbia Association of Consulting Engineering Companies <a href="" target="_blank">Award of Merit​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span></a>.​​<br></p></ul><h3>Future Sewer Work</h3><p>There will be a future phase of construction to install the final sewer pipes needed to connect the new treatment plant (see map below for details) to the North Shore’s sewer collection systems. This work will be undertaken when construction of the treatment plant is nearing completion, and we will provide more information about what to expect in future project updates.</p><p> <img src="/services/liquid-waste/ConstructionImages/North-shore-WWTP-program-map-conveyance-project.jpg" alt="NSWWTP" /> </p><p>This map shows the locations of the completed work (pump station and pipes) on the North Shore Conveyance Project, as well as the pipe alignment to be installed in the future. Also shown are the locations of the other two projects within the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Program: </p><ul><li>The new treatment plant (under construction)</li><li>The existing Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant (to be decommissioned when the new plant is complete)​​<br><br></li></ul></div>District of North Vancouver





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