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Calculate an Engine Tier

​​​Access the tier/fee calculator below.

Engine tier and fee estimator

You can also use the tier chart and fee schedule below to help you determine your engine Tier and estimate your annual operating period fees. You can get more information on different operating period types in the FAQs section​.

You can determine your engine Tier by matching the year of manufacture of the engine and the engine horsepower.​

Non-road diesel engine tier updates 

Bylaw 1329 fee schedule

Once you know your engine Tier you can estimate your annual fee based on the engine Tier using the fee schedule.

Annual Fee Rate2021
and later
Tier 0 $/HP20.0020.00​20.0033.7939.4245.0550.6956.3257.44
Tier 1 $/HP10.0010.0010.0012.5614.6516.7418.8320.9221.35
Tier 2 $/HP0.000.001.552.454.715.388.449.389.57
Tier 3 $/HP0.​6.57
Tier 4 $/HP0.

​​  ​​Shaded areas indicate that additional surcharges will apply for not previously registered engines. Installing an approved emission reduction measure can reduce fees.

There will be no changes to fees for Tier 0 and Tier 1 engines until 2024.

Here are some example NRDE fee calculations by engine Tier​.


For more information on Non-Road Diesel Engine emission regulation

  • Email ​​
  • 604-451-6655

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