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Alternative approval p​​rocess

​​El​ectoral Area A general local election

The next scheduled General Local Election will be held in October, 2026.​​​



Where is Electoral Area A?Where is Electoral Area A?<div class="ExternalClassEA09094852DD4E7E84C420258800A6C4"><p>Electoral Area A occupies approximately 818 Km<sup>2</sup> of land and includes the following communities and inhabited areas:</p><ul><li>Lands along Howe Sound, located betw​​een the District of West Vancouver and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (excluding the Vil​​lage of Lions Bay). This includes the communities of Ocean Point, Strachan Point and Montizambert Wynd. </li><li>Bowyer and Passage Islands (in Howe Sound) </li><li>Northern portion of Indian Arm </li><li>Boulder Island and Carraholly Point (at the southern end of Indian Arm) </li><li>West side of Pitt Lake </li><li>Barnston Island (in the Fraser River, west of Golden Ears Bridge) </li><li>University Endowment Lands (includes most of Pacific Spirit Regional Park) </li><li>University of British Columbia (including University Neighbourhoods) </li></ul><p> <i class="fa-light fa-map-marker">​​</i> <a href="/boards/PublishingImages/electoral-area-a-election-map.png" target="_blank">Electoral Area A Map</a>​​<br></p></div>

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Government of BC website for General Local Elections, Government of BC website for General Local ElectionsGovernment of BC website for General Local Elections
Elections BC website for General Local Elections, Elections BC website for General Local ElectionsElections BC website for General Local Elections
Electoral Area A Election Bylaw, Electoral Area A Election BylawElectoral Area A Election Bylaw


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