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Metro Vancouver is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the drinking water supply, treating it to ensure its quality, and delivering it to member jurisdictions. In turn, member jurisdictions​​ are responsible for distributing water to residents and businesses, as well as additional testing and metering.

Our Drinking Water Management Plan sets the direction and priorities for drinking water initiatives for the region. It lays out the priority for drinking water initiatives such as: building or constructing new infrastructure, identifying additional water supplies, and managing watersheds as natural assets.​

​​​Drinking Water Management Plan​

Metro Vancouver provides high-quality drinking water​​ through its member jurisdictions for 2.8 million residents in the region.

This includes:

  • Protecting our water supply areas
  • Storing, treating, and ensuring the quality of our water
  • Supplying water directly to our member jurisdictions
  • Upgrading, maintaining, and expanding our system
  • Promoting water conservation
  • Planning for the future to meet the drinking water needs of our growing population
  • Ensuring the region’s resilience in the face of unpredictable annual impacts of climate change
Celebrating 100 years of delivering high-quality drinking water​​

Drinking Water Management Plan Update

Tell us what’s impo​​rtant ​​to you about the future of our drinking water. Share your feedback by July 26!

Phase 1 Engagement​​​



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