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Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel




Second Narrows Water Supply TunnelSecond Narrows Water Supply Tunnel<div class="ExternalClassF9224FF366CF4397BD7FCAD0878CA8EB"><p>Metro Vancouver is constructing a new water supply tunnel deep under Burrard Inlet, east of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge between the District of North Vancouver and the City of Burnaby. This project is one of five new regional water supply tunnels that are being designed to meet current seismic standards to ensure the reliable delivery of drinking water in the region in the event of a major earthquake. When complete, the tunnel will also increase the capacity of the existing system to meet the long-term needs of the growing population. </p><p>The new water supply tunnel will be excavated deep underground using a tunnel boring machine. The tunnel boring machine will launch from a vertical entry shaft on the North Vancouver side and progress south under Burrard Inlet to the vertical exit shaft on the Burnaby side. Once the tunnel is excavated, three steel water mains will be installed inside the new tunnel and connected to the new valve chambers at each shaft site, and into the region’s drinking water system. </p><p style="display:none;">Learn more about the Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel in our <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Fact-Sheet-Second-Narrows-Water-Supply-Tunnel.pdf" target="_blank">fact sheet</a>.​<br></p></div>​<br>Under Burrard Inlet, east of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge between the District of North Vancouver and the City of Burnaby





Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Alignment Map Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Alignment Map
Cross section of the Second Narrows Supply Tunnel section of the Second Narrows Supply Tunnel
Second Narrows Tunnel Narrows Tunnel
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel - South Shaft Site Location Narrows Water Supply Tunnel - South Shaft Site Location



Project activitiesProject activities<div class="ExternalClass611CD56B1286411980526B5EBC220CA3"><p>Construction of this project is underway, with completion expected in 2025. While the duration of this project spans over six years, work at the south shaft site in Second Narrows Park will take place intermittently with some breaks between different construction activities.</p><p>Construction activities include:</p><ul><li>Shaft excavation and shoring</li><li>Valve chamber and pipe installation</li><li>Welding, backfilling and restoration</li></ul> ​​<br></div>
Impacts and mitigationImpacts and mitigation<div class="ExternalClass87A76194D98B4AC7805549673986912F"><p> <strong>Reducing Impacts to the Park</strong></p><p>The new valve chamber in Second Narrows Park has been designed to fit into the park as seamlessly as possible; this includes the valve chamber being set into the existing landscape and the installation of a sloping green roof.</p><p>Tree removal will be required to accommodate construction. The majority of vegetation removal required for this project consists of shrubs and invasive species such as blackberry bushes and knotweed.</p><p>Once construction is complete, this site will undergo a full restoration. This includes the implementation of a re planting program and landscaping of any disturbed areas with native plants and species.</p><p> <strong>Trans Canada Trail</strong></p><p>The Trans Canada Trail will remain open for the duration of construction. </p><p>The existing access road that is used for utility maintenance, sometimes known as the Upper Trail, will be closed for the entire construction period. This road was initially built to conduct maintenance on the existing water and sewer infrastructure that is located in and around the park.</p><p>Metro Vancouver recognizes the current recreational use of the access road and will ensure that it is restored to similar or better condition after construction.</p><p> <strong>Traffic Impacts and Noise</strong></p><p>The entry shaft will be located in an industrial area in the District of North Vancouver; this is where the majority of construction, including the removal of excavated ground material, will take place. In an effort to reduce truck traffic, ground material excavated from this entry shaft will be transported to a disposal facility by barge.</p><p>In meeting with local residents, Metro Vancouver heard that noise was a concern and will ensure that noise mitigation measures will be in place during construction. In addition, noise studies have been completed to ensure that all work will comply with City of Burnaby’s bylaws or granted bylaw variances.</p> ​​<br></div>
Work hoursWork hours<div class="ExternalClassD5916254BC2E4B3088A25D08B43008CD"><p>At the south shaft site, work will take place: ​<br></p><ul><li>Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm</li><li>Saturdays: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm</li></ul> <br> <p>Crews may occasionally be required to work outside of bylaw hours; in these cases, advanced notice will be provided to residents. All work will comply with City of Burnaby’s bylaws or granted bylaw variances.</p> ​​<br></div>
Working with the communityWorking with the community<div class="ExternalClass282A2CFE6F34473288DC561A6DC94EE9"><p>Metro Vancouver is committed to minimizing the impacts of construction on the community. Local residents and businesses will receive ongoing notifications through newsletters, web updates, email and on-site signage.</p><p>A community liaison has been assigned to this project and is available to address any public questions or concerns.</p> ​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>
EngagementEngagement<div class="ExternalClass2E525C6A30864198A4647AF20241273D"><p>At Metro Vancouver we make decisions that impact the 2.7 million residents that live in our region. Metro Vancouver engages municipalities, businesses and the general public whenever we are working on a new program, policy, or project across our service areas. Learn more about our <a href="/about-us/community-engagement" target="_blank">engagement principles</a>.</p><p> <strong>January 2019 Open House</strong></p><p>Metro Vancouver held an open house for the Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Project in January 2019.</p><p>Below is a high-level summary of what we heard:</p><ul><li>Interest in construction schedule and restoration plan</li><li>Maintain lane access for residents</li><li>Minimize construction impacts on residents and park users</li><li>Minimize construction impacts on the ecology of the park</li><li>Questions about slope stability, noise and vibration</li></ul> <br> <p>Where possible we will incorporate your input into our project plans and we will report back on how we are using that input as this project progresses.</p><p> <strong>Supporting Materials</strong></p><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span>​​<a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/second-narrows-wst-display-panels.pdf" target="_blank">Open House Display Panels</a>​</li><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span><a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/snwst-feedback-highlights-engagement-summary.pdf" target="_blank">Open House Feedback Highlights</a>​</li></ul>​​</div>
Project materialsProject materials<div class="ExternalClass34F23C7E1A4143AE9695C18086F4BFEF"><ul class="fa-ul"><li>​​​​ <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link"></i> </span>​<a href="/services/water/the-regional-system" target="_blank">Learn more about Metro Vancouver’s drinking water system</a></li><li>​​ <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link"></i> </span>​<a href="/search/Pages/video-results.aspx?k=second%20narrow#k=Second%20Narrows%20Water%20Supply%20Tunnel%23l=1033" target="_blank">Watch more historical videos about Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel</a><br></li> <li>​ <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span><a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Second-Narrows-Water-Supply-Tunnel-newsletter-Dec-2023.pdf">Newsletter ​​- December 2023 - Project update at the south shaft site in Burnaby​</a><br></li></ul></div>



Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Update 2020Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Update 2020425260889
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel – TBM Breakthrough 2021Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel – TBM Breakthrough 2021601347670
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2022Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2022720454457
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2023Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2023832443735



Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2023Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel 2023832443735



CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClass55EA189ACD224929A9E509BE6D0B9409"><p>​​Tunnel construction​<br></p></div>0
CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClass04B183BEF6354F11962708B78511AF4B"><p>​​​Tunnel water main installation and backfill ​​<br></p></div>0
CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClass03CE04E6E1C94561AA73BCF3CBE52E43"><p>North shaft construction ​<br></p></div>0
CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClassDAC8A4641D2A4EBD8E9189C6A05F525E"><p>​​South shaft construction ​<br></p></div>0
2019 – Fall 20242019 – Fall 2024<div class="ExternalClassDDD41BF695F543D6965A8F764752E645"><p>North valve chamber construction and water main installation<br></p></div>1
2021 – Fall 20242021 – Fall 2024<div class="ExternalClassF99E26DE888F4E89B12B014D8EF3148A"><p>South valve chamber construction and water main installation<br></p>​<br></div>1
2025 – 20282025 – 2028<div class="ExternalClass7AD3843083E24A01891E20F30FA7099E"><p>​​Connection to existing system and restoration ​​<br></p></div>0

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