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Drinking Water Management Plan Update


Project Overview

In our region, Metro Vancouver is responsible for providing a reliable supply of high-quality​ drinking water to our member jurisdictions who in turn distribute it to their residents and businesses. Both Metro Vancouver and its members work collaboratively to ensure an effective, resilient, and sustainable water system.

Metro Vancouver is updating its Drinking Water Management Plan. The plan is the guiding document for Metro Vancouver’s drinking water utility, establishing priorities and setting the strategic direction for drinking water initiatives over a period of 10 years. The plan sets out goals, strategies, and actions for Metro Vancouver and its member jurisdictions that help ensure the provision of high-quality drinking water, the sustainable use of water resources, and the efficient supply of water.



Drinking Water Management Plan 2011, Drinking Water Management Plan 2011Drinking Water Management Plan 2011

Purpose of updating the Drinking Water Management Plan

Since the last plan update in 2011, the Metro Vancouver region is now facing many emerging challenges in managing the supply and demand of drinking water. Population growth and the impacts of climate change is putting stresses on our water system and we need to be prepared by developing plans for the future that take into account the uncertainty that these challenges bring. The purpose of updating this plan is to allow Metro Vancouver and its members to realign priorities to address these challenges.

The update will: 

  • Establish goals, strategies, and actions to ensure Metro Vancouver can continue to supply high-quality drinking water, in the face of challenges such as climate change, population growth, and seismic events 
  • Outline how Metro Vancouver and its members plan to work together to align priorities to meet the needs of current and future generations 
  • Provide a strong rationale to support decision making

The review and update process started in late 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2025. It will be supported by engagement.


Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging individuals and organizations who may be impacted by or have an interest in the plan update. Metro Vancouver will invite the following people and groups to provide feedback through all phases of engagement:

  • First Nations
  • Member jurisdictions
  • Residents and businesses
  • Environmental, academic, and industry organizations
  • Regulatory agencies

This engagement will allow Metro Vancouver and member jurisdictions to better address water system upgrades, climate change impacts, seismic resiliency, and growth projections; recognize the interests of First Nations; align with other regional management plans; and develop goals, strategies, and actions that allow for measurable outcomes and benefits.​​​​​




Phase 1 engagement (underway)Phase 1 engagement (underway)<div class="ExternalClassCCAE655D30324239B21B827DA7BFDF29"><span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><p>The first phase of engagement will help review the current plan and establish the guiding principles and goals.</p><p>In this engagement phase, Metro Vancouver will seek input on the draft guiding principles and goals and listen to everyone’s priorities. We will also work closely with First Nations to ensure that Indigenous perspectives, priorities, and preferred engagement approaches are considered.</p></div>
Phase 2 engagementPhase 2 engagement<div class="ExternalClass46D507799C584EFAA2E9AE1AA7919028"><span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><p>The purpose of the second phase of engagement is to develop strategies, actions, and performance measures.</p><p>This phase of engagement will focus on presenting and receiving input on the strategies, actions, and performance measures from member jurisdictions, First Nations, the public, businesses, and all other interested stakeholders through a series of public meetings, events, and presentations.</p><p>Phase 2 is expected to occur between mid-2023 to late 2024.</p></div>
Phase 3 engagementPhase 3 engagement<div class="ExternalClass60853B59EE624D8F88D2FE1CF9ED4808"><span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><p>The third phase of engagement will include revisions and finalization of the draft plan. In this phase we will engage on the final plan and seek approval by the Metro Vancouver Board.</p><p>Completion and approval of the final plan are expected to take place in late 2025.</p></div>



Phase 1 – Late 2020 to Mid-2023Phase 1 – Late 2020 to Mid-2023<div class="ExternalClass16272F4BD979457FA35CD5056A9259F6">Engage on draft guiding principles and goals</div>1
Phase 2 – Mid-2023 to Late 2024Phase 2 – Mid-2023 to Late 2024<div class="ExternalClass0101B3454373416DB3C6222D82B8CB89">Engage on draft strategies and actions</div>0
Phase 3 – 2025Phase 3 – 2025<div class="ExternalClassCAF7F7788A25419D9A4235921E10BAA4">Engage on final plan and seek Board endorsement</div>0

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