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Coquitlam Water Main




Coquitlam Water MainCoquitlam Water Main<div class="ExternalClass62A60BC1C31D4C3FBB60F30E9B2BEC09"><p>Metro Vancouver is constructing a new water main in Coquitlam to meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region. The Coquitlam Water Main is approximately 12 kilometres long, and 3.2 metres in diameter. It will be constructed between the north end of Pipeline Road and Mariner Way at Riverview Crescent.</p><p>Construction of the Coquitlam Water Main will be divided in four sections, starting with the Robson to Guildford Section from 2023 to 2026; followed by Cape Horn from 2024 to 2030; Pipeline Road North from 2026 to 2030; and City Centre Tunnel from 2026 to 2033.</p><p>To reduce disruptions, approximately two of the 12 kilometres of the water main will be tunnelled under Coquitlam’s downtown core, between Guildford Way and Dewdney Trunk Road.</p><p>Once all sections of the Coquitlam Water Main are constructed, Metro Vancouver will return to connect the new water main to the existing drinking water system.​<br></p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file">​</i> ​<a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Fact-Sheet-Coquitlam-Water-Main-Project.pdf" target="_blank">Coquitlam Water Main project fact sheet</a>​<br></p></div>City of Coquitlam and City of Port Coquitlam



City Centre Tunnel Section, City Centre Tunnel SectionCity Centre Tunnel Section
Robson to Guildford Section, Robson to Guildford SectionRobson to Guildford Section<div class="ExternalClassFE1D3E16F0014954B98B657A4269601A"><p>​​<br></p></div>



Thank you for participating in our public comment period!Thank you for participating in our public comment period!<div class="ExternalClassE18BAD866E22469CA7621AF65636B1AD"><p>​​Metro Vancouver engaged with the public about the City Centre Tunnel Section from February 29 to April 4, 2024. Thank you for taking the time to learn about and provide your feedback on the project. Your input is important to us and will be used to further minimize construction impacts wherever possible.</p><p>Later in 2024, we will share a summary of what we heard from the community through email, mail, and on this webpage. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about this engagement or project, please contact our community liaison at 604-432-6200 or <a href=""></a>.</p></div>4/5/2024 7:00:00 AM



Coquitlam Water Main Project Graphic - How big is the Coquitlam water main? Water Main Project Graphic - How big is the Coquitlam water main?



Work hoursWork hours<div class="ExternalClassB6861A43D81148F08E3DAA09031AF1CB"><p>All activities will comply with the City of Coquitlam’s noise bylaws and granted bylaw variances. Typical work hours will be:</p><ul><li><strong>Monday to Friday</strong>: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm </li><li><strong>Saturday</strong>: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm</li><li><strong>Sunday and holiday</strong>: No work planned</li></ul><p>This schedule may change if crews need more time to complete critical activities. Metro Vancouver will notify the community about these activities ahead of time.<br></p></div>
Tree removalTree removal<div class="ExternalClass0C6B1524B01641859E30F4A92FAF3066"><p>Approximately 300 trees will be removed along Pipeline Road to accommodate Metro Vancouver’s Coquitlam Water Main project and City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade project. Both organizations analyzed the possibility of relocating large trees; however, this is not possible due to transportation and storage restrictions, as well as costs.</p><p>Metro Vancouver and the City of Coquitlam recognize trees are valuable to the community, and we are working together to develop a landscape restoration plan, which will include replanting trees along the project area and in Town Centre Park. The City of Coquitlam will lead the restoration phase.​<br></p></div>
Restoration and City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade projectRestoration and City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade project<div class="ExternalClassA9565E22CF7748DE9FB2F4CA73D85A9A"><p>Once construction reaches the intersection of David Avenue and Pipeline Road, the City of Coquitlam will:</p> <ul> <li>Widen the road to accommodate four lanes with dedicated left-turn lanes</li><li>Build a new multi-use pathway along the west side of the road</li><li>Install additional lighting </li><li>Build new landscaped centre medians</li><li>​Replant trees along the project area and in Town Centre Park</li></ul>​​​ <p> <img src="/services/water/ConstructionImages/coquitlam-water-main-robson-to-guilford-restoration-pipeline-project-illustration-nov-2021.png" alt="" /> </p>​ <p>Our contractor will pave the roadways between David Avenue and Robson Drive with permanent asphalt at the end of construction.<br></p><p>For more information about the City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade project, please visit <a href=""></a> or contact:</p><p> <strong>Jeannie Wilson</strong><br> Project Administration Coordinator<br> 604-927-3550<br><a href="">​</a><br></p></div>
EngagementEngagement<div class="ExternalClass392CD3B536C5427D9A4167CE5F4C3F71"><p>At Metro Vancouver, we make decisions that impact the 2.8 million residents that live in our region. Metro Vancouver engages municipalities, businesses and the general public whenever we are working on a new program, policy, or project across our service areas. Learn more about our <a href="/about-us/community-engagement">engagement principles</a>.</p><h2>Engagement approach for the Coquitlam Water Main project</h2><p>Each section of the Coquitlam Water Main project will have separate engagement activities during the design phase. </p><p>Read more about the engagement we conducted for the <a href="/services/water/coquitlam-water-main-robson-to-guildford-section">Robson to Guildford Section​</a> and the <a href="/services/water/coquitlam-water-main-city-centre-tunnel-section">City Centre Tunnel Section</a>, under the section “Engagement” on their respective pages.<br></p><p>Stay tuned for future engagement opportunities to provide input on our project plans. </p><h2>Keeping the community updated</h2><p>Metro Vancouver will keep the community informed as the project progresses by sending updates through print notifications, email, the project website, and on-site signage. You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive ​updates via email by selecting the project name in our <a href="/services/water/water-engagement-mailing-list">water projects sign-up page​</a>. </p><p>Our community liaison is available throughout the project to address any questions or comments you may have about the Coquitlam Water Main project. ​<br></p></div>
Project materialsProject materials<div class="ExternalClass9AD02C557CE1450CAE20C074FD7FA744"><p> <strong>Fact Sheets</strong></p><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span> <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Fact-Sheet-Coquitlam-Water-Main-Project.pdf" target="_blank">Coquitlam Water Main</a>​</li><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span> <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/coquitlam-water-main-city-centre-tunnel-section-fact-sheet.pdf" target="_blank">Coquitlam Water Main – City Centre Tunnel Section​</a>​</li><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span>​<a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/coquitlam-water-main-robson-to-guildford-section-fact-sheet.pdf">Coquitlam Water Main –​ Robson to Guildford Section​</a></li></ul><p> <strong>​​Newsletters</strong></p><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span> <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/newsletter-project-update-coquitlam-water-main-project-2023-04-27.pdf">2023 – April 27 – Project Update</a></li></ul></div>
Related linksRelated links<div class="ExternalClassC19425F46DF04A5786EDFE4E64AEFC5B"><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link">​</i></span>​<a href="/services/water/the-regional-system">Regional Drinking Water System</a>​​</li><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link">​</i></span>​<a href="/welovewater">We Love Water</a>​​</li></ul></div>



2020 - 20252020 - 2025<div class="ExternalClass8651939C5AD34FC5927BCADF8B24236A">Detailed design​​<br></div>1
2026 - 20332026 - 2033<div class="ExternalClass97CFCAE27C0B4AEEAAFB205A2D2CB71D">Construction​​<br></div>0
2030s2030s<div class="ExternalClassFE49125C77A64B27B5148311A34A3D73"><p>Water main connection to the existing system<br></p></div>0

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