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Annacis Water Main South, Annacis Water Main SouthAnnacis Water Main South<div class="ExternalClass379DFCDB37224337B7E814264AF1B956"><p>The new water main will be constructed between the cities of Surrey and Delta, from 90 Avenue to River Road.​​</p></div>
Annacis Water Supply Tunnel, Annacis Water Supply TunnelAnnacis Water Supply Tunnel<div class="ExternalClass08EAD738305042CDAAB329EAAD79E872"><p>A new water supply tunnel is under construction between New Westminster and Surrey, deep under the Fraser River.​</p></div>
Capilano Water Supply Area Infrastructure Upgrades, Capilano Water Supply Area Infrastructure UpgradesCapilano Water Supply Area Infrastructure Upgrades<div class="ExternalClass0F0FE504C82A4D80965FA6E635D11496"><p>Upgrades are taking place to the existing drinking water infrastructure in the water supply area near Capilano River Regional Park.​​<br></p></div>
Central Park Water Main, Central Park Water MainCentral Park Water Main<div class="ExternalClass8EE49FBCBE59476D84BB59949422466C">This 12-kilometre-long water main is being constructed in Burnaby and New Westminster to replace an existing water main that is reaching the end of its service life.​<br></div>
Coquitlam Lake Water Supply Project, Coquitlam Lake Water Supply ProjectCoquitlam Lake Water Supply Project<div class="ExternalClass3558BA9E0A2C45DBBBBBBCA8C72DE7C0">This project includes the construction of a new intake from Coquitlam Lake, a water supply tunnel and water treatment facilities.​​<br></div>
Coquitlam Water Main, Coquitlam Water MainCoquitlam Water Main<div class="ExternalClass22927AC4DEB544C48E3124EF826A8696"><p>This 12-kilometre-long water main will be constructed in Coquitlam between the north end of Pipeline Road and Riverview Crescent​.<br></p></div>
Dam Safety Enhancements Program, Dam Safety Enhancements ProgramDam Safety Enhancements Program<div class="ExternalClassC8D7D24145D64EECA9683F251F6F6047">Metro Vancouver’s current and upcoming projects and programs to enhance dam safety and maintain compliance with BC dam safety regulations.​<br></div>
Douglas Road Water Main, Douglas Road Water MainDouglas Road Water Main<div class="ExternalClassF0B65FF4A07D44ACB2AFBD1956FE6ABC">This 15-kilometre-long water main is being constructed to replace a section of the existing main between North Burnaby and New Westminster.​<br></div>
Fleetwood Reservoir and Water Main, Fleetwood ReservoirFleetwood Reservoir and Water Main<div class="ExternalClass00C34D80A71E4F8EBDE5B1E22CA37A56"><p> A new water reservoir is being constructed at the Meagan Anne MacDougall Park in Surrey.<br></p></div>
Kennedy Newton Water Main, Kennedy Newton Water MainKennedy Newton Water Main<div class="ExternalClassCB07D598A9ED47509FDAD3B896E20502"><p>New water main is being constructed between the cities of Surrey and Delta running from 63​​ Avenue to 90 Avenue.​<br></p></div>
Kersland Reservoir Upgrade, Kersland Reservoir UpgradeKersland Reservoir Upgrade<div class="ExternalClassBB4484751F8F4A6CA2FB7EE0C939F11A"><p>Upgrades are taking place at the existing water reservoir at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.​<br></p></div>
Newton Pump Station Replacement, Newton Pump Station ReplacementNewton Pump Station Replacement<div class="ExternalClass918F1F87A1CA499E965B77676B8FEB11"><p>A new water pump station is being constructed along 128 Street at 62A Avenue in Surrey.​<br></p></div>
Pebble Hill Reservoir Seismic Upgrade, Pebble Hill Reservoir Seismic UpgradePebble Hill Reservoir Seismic Upgrade<div class="ExternalClass1BF5F10527884A76B2825D8DA2E1CCBD"><p>Upgrades are taking place at Pebble Hill Reservoir located at Pebble Hill Park in Delta.​<br></p></div>
Regional Water Instrumentation Upgrades, Regional Water Instrumentation UpgradesRegional Water Instrumentation Upgrades<div class="ExternalClass1CB860ABD99C4B7E84768441D6BEECC6"><p>Metro Vancouver will install new instruments at various locations across the region to help monitor water.<br></p></div>
Regional Water Meter Upgrades, Regional Water Meter UpgradesRegional Water Meter Upgrades<div class="ExternalClass10A05B2360724FA3B0F7FFCD902771AC">Upgrades are taking place to improve accuracy in measuring water use and manage increasing water demand in our growing region.</div>
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel, Second Narrows Water Supply TunnelSecond Narrows Water Supply Tunnel<div class="ExternalClassF46D8CEE270E4921AB9C1572B931188E"><p>The n​ew water supply tunnel is being constructed deep under Burrard Inlet, east of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.</p></div>
Stanley Park Water Supply Tunnel, Stanley Park Water Supply TunnelStanley Park Water Supply Tunnel<div class="ExternalClass6E9F45EAB03647E58216C96602E4B898"><p>The new water supply tunnel will be constructed deep under Stanley Park, in Vancouver, to replace an aging water main.​<br></p></div>

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