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Central Park Water Main




Central Park Water MainCentral Park Water Main<div class="ExternalClass970DF4938E3A4242934F2574057D0880"><p>Metro Vancouver is replacing the Central Park Water Main to help ensure the continued delivery of high-quality drinking water well into the future. The existing water main was built in the 1930s and is reaching the end of its service life.</p><p>Construction of the new water main started in 2019 and has been phased over several years due to its length of approximately 12 kilometres spanning across the cities of Burnaby and New Westminster.</p><p>The Central Park Water Main consists of the following sections:</p><ul><li> <strong>Maywood Section:</strong> Runs along Maywood Street between Patterson Avenue and Telford Avenue, in Burnaby. This section was completed in 2020.</li><li> <strong><a href="/services/water/central-park-water-main-salisbury-18th-section">Salisbury/18th Section</a>:</strong> Starts at Elwell Street and heads south to 10th Avenue, in Burnaby. This section was completed in 2023.</li><li> <strong><a href="/services/water/central-park-water-main-imperial-section">Imperial Section</a>:</strong> Runs along Imperial Street, between Maywood Street and Telford Avenue, and Griffiths Avenue and Elwell Street, in Burnaby. Construction will start in 2024.</li><li> <strong>Westburnco Section:</strong> Starts at 10th Avenue, in Burnaby, and heads southeast towards Westburnco Park, in New Westminster. ​​Construction along 7th Avenue, between 5th Street and 8th Street, will take place in 2024. The remaining portion of the water main is planned to be constructed from 2025 to 2026.<br></li></ul><p>Please see the map below for the exact location of the sections.<br></p></div>City of Burnaby and City of New Westminster



Imperial Section, Imperial SectionImperial Section
Salisbury/18th Section, Salisbury/18th SectionSalisbury/18th Section<div class="ExternalClassC6437DC5D1DD4F1BA775B7DDF7A7EB3C"><p>​​<br></p></div>





Central Park Water Main Project - Full project location map with sections Park Water Main Project - Full project location map with sections
Central Park Water Main - Westburnco Section - Map - Project Location & Pre-Build Park Water Main - Westburnco Section - Map - Project Location & Pre-Build



Engagement Engagement <div class="ExternalClass0F4CB83EA68944B088E4C1E903840632"><p>​​Metro Vancouver will keep the community informed as the project progresses by sending updates through print notifications, email, website, and on-site signage. You can subscribe to receive updates via email by selecting Central Park Water Main on our <a href="/services/water/water-engagement-mailing-list">water projects sign-up page</a>.</p><p>Our community liaison is available throughout the project to address any questions or comments you may have about the Central Park Water Main.<br></p></div>
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2019 - 20202019 - 2020<div class="ExternalClass92DDCB0066394A28A17824ABC15DD178">Maywood Section​​<br></div>0
2020 - 20232020 - 2023<div class="ExternalClass56BC968AB70E4376B42B78CFB94421E8">Salisbury/18th Section​<br></div>0
2024 - 20282024 - 2028<div class="ExternalClassF2095B9ECF744F3DBB1ECE0FB4BB9928">Imperial Section​<br></div>0
Summer 2024 – Fall 2024Summer 2024 – Fall 2024<div class="ExternalClass422DC46F41A749D3939247CF0CF93AEC">Westbu​​rnco Section​<br>Pre-build​<br></div>1
2025 - 20262025 - 2026<div class="ExternalClassA2F08793B5334A609C7559FB0C312D3C"><p>​​Westbu​​rnco Section​<br></p></div>0

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