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Waste-to-Energy Facility
| Metro Vancouver



Waste-to-Energy Facility, Waste-to-Energy Facility Waste-to-Energy Facility <div class="ExternalClass9C9ADBDADACC4A8788CF64F1C2866481"><p>Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy Facility recovers energy and metals from garbage that cannot be recycled.</p></div>
Vancouver Landfill, Vancouver LandfillVancouver Landfill<div class="ExternalClass3000F403987D46B7B3D11462DB0A3E9B"><p>The Vancouver Landfill serves residential and commercial customers from Metro Vancouver for final disposal of their garbage.<br></p></div>
Disposal Ban Program, Disposal Ban ProgramDisposal Ban Program<div class="ExternalClass2C012C566F0C44E4A99DE0E0DE37661B"><p>A summary of materials that are not accepted at Metro Vancouver disposal facilities.</p></div>
Gypsum, GypsumGypsum<div class="ExternalClass14A582B54C7A4D1D996D60CC8733236E"><p>Information on what kind of gypsum can be recycled at Metro Vancouver recycling and waste centres.</p></div>
Pet Waste, Pet WastePet Waste<div class="ExternalClass2B83F2B8FA7945E7AF73E9488DEE2C9C"><p>A summary of how to dispose of pet waste for dogs and other animals.<br></p></div>




About Waste-to-Energy Facility, About Waste-to-Energy FacilityAbout Waste-to-Energy Facility<div class="ExternalClassD7384D9E548F49DBA2BEC82134CC7991"><p>Information about Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy Facility.<br></p></div>
Waste-to-Energy Explained, Waste-to-Energy ExplainedWaste-to-Energy Explained<div class="ExternalClass4E871BEE66CD4979A800ACCE40F4E486"><p>An explanation of recycling and technology related to the waste-to-energy process.​<br></p></div>
Continuous Environmental Monitoring, Continuous Environmental MonitoringContinuous Environmental Monitoring<div class="ExternalClassC434F57E8D0F426C9A092EFC689C3C3D"><p>Includes information about the Emissions Monitoring Program and live emissions monitoring data.<br></p></div>
Reports and Operational Certificate, Reports and Operational CertificateReports and Operational Certificate<div class="ExternalClassB545B7130D4D45BBBF2E25022776119D"><p>A summary of monthly and annual reports summarizing daily averages of environmental monitoring, fly ash and bottom ash data.<br></p></div>

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