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Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee


​​Metro Vancouver has convened individuals with relevant personal qualities and experience to sit on the Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee. Thirty members, from a range of backgrounds, will provide advice and input on the development of an updated solid waste management plan.

The terms of reference outline that committee members will:

  • meet four to six times per year for the duration of the solid waste management plan update process
  • represent a diversity of sectors and interests, and bring a variety of personal qualities, perspectives, and experiences to solid waste and recycling issues
  • be selected by the GVS&DD Board, except for the committee chair and vice-chair who will be members of the Zero Waste Committee
  • be asked to adhere to a code of conduct for respectful and collaborative participation

 Terms of Reference

Representatives of the 10 local Indigenous Nations are invited to observe committee meetings at their preference. En​​gagement with Indigenous Nations is expected to be coordinated through a separate, collaborative process.

Recommendations for committee members were reviewed by the solid waste management plan’s Independent Consultation and Engagement Panel prior to consideration by the Zero Waste Committee and GVS&DD Board in a closed meeting.

 Panel’s comments on the committee formation

Advisory committee members

Sarah Kirby-Yung, ChairJessica Savoy
Director Craig Hodge, Vice-ChairJohn Doherty
Alice HenryKevin Huang 黃儀軒
Ben LiegeyLouise Schwarz
Bill ChanLove-Ese Chile​
Brenda MartensLyndsay Poaps​
Brianne De ManMatthew Morin
Christian DietrichMichael Zarbl
Cody IrwinRaman Johal
Daniel RotmanSara Larter
​Doug SchellSue Maxwell
Grant HankinsTara Immell
Hunter BergenUlwiana Mehta-Malhotra
Jake TurekWilliam Selten
Jamie Kaminski
Yasmin Abraham
Jaye-Jay Berggren

 Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee Member Bios

collapse Meeting/Publication Date : 9/7/2023 ‎(3)
 PTAC Sep 7 2023 Agenda Package.pdf
Agenda Package9/7/2023
 PTAC Sep 7 2023 Presentations.pdf
 2023 September 7 - Meeting Notes - PTAC - DRAFT.pdf
Meeting Notes9/7/2023
collapse Meeting/Publication Date : 6/1/2023 ‎(3)
 June 1 PTAC Agenda Package.pdf
Agenda Package6/1/2023
 PTAC Presentations - Jun.01.2023.pdf
 2023 June 1 - Meeting Notes.pdf
Meeting Notes6/1/2023
collapse Meeting/Publication Date : 4/28/2023 ‎(3)
 Agenda Package - April 28, 2023.pdf
Agenda Package4/28/2023
 Presentation - PTAC - Solid Waste Management Plan Vision and Guiding Principles.pdf
 PTAC Meeting Notes - April 28 2023.pdf
Meeting Notes4/28/2023
collapse Meeting/Publication Date : 9/21/2022 ‎(3)
 2022 September 21 - Agenda - SWMP PublicTechnical Advisory Committee.pdf
 2022 Sep 21 - Meeting Notes - SWMP PublicTechnical Advisory Committee.pdf
Meeting Notes9/21/2022
 2022 Sep 21 - Presentations - SWMP PublicTechnical Advisory Committee.pdf
collapse Meeting/Publication Date : 6/30/2022 ‎(3)
 Meeting Notes.pdf
Meeting Notes6/30/2022
collapse Group :  ‎(1)
 Agenda Package.pdf
collapse Group : Reports ‎(3)
“Solid Waste Management Plan Update – Public/Technical Advisory Committee Applicant Evaluation Process” report to Zero Waste Committee, dated March 30, 20223/30/2022
“Solid Waste Management Plan Update – Solid Waste and Recycling Industry Advisory Committee and Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee” report to Zero Waste Committee, dated February 3, 20222/3/2022
“Solid Waste Management Plan Public/Technical Advisory Committee” report to Zero Waste Committee, dated November 9, 202111/9/2021

2023 meeting schedule

  • April 28, 2023 (in-person)
  • June 1, 2023
  • September 7, 2023 (in-person)
  • November 16, 2023

Most meetings are conducted virtually unless otherwise noted. If you would like to observe a meeting of the Public/Technical Advisory Committee, please use the link below to access the livestream.

View the livestream




Membership List, Membership ListMembership List
Terms of Reference, Terms of ReferenceTerms of Reference



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