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Restaurant Tools and Resources, Restaurant Tools and ResourcesRestaurant Tools and Resources<div class="ExternalClass410CDF74F26E47B69779B485ADBCDAD5"><p>Find guides to getting started, common practices, waste prevention, consistent recycling images and colour schemes to help you design, implement and improve your recycling programs.​<br></p></div>
What Are Other Restaurants Doing?, What Are Other Restaurants Doing? What Are Other Restaurants Doing? <div class="ExternalClassD499E3C86F314A0E893B77EEB2A767F0"><p>Many green leaders call our region home. Find examples of restaurants like yours who are paving the way in reducing and recycling their organic waste.</p></div>
Restaurant Questions and Answers, Restaurant Questions and AnswersRestaurant Questions and Answers<div class="ExternalClass1B3B19D880064780943BFB180B470ABB"><p>You asked, we answered. These are questions generated by restaurants like yours. Costs, regulations, odours, food grinders and similar technologies, and more.</p></div>
Reducing Restaurant Waste, Reducing Restaurant WasteReducing Restaurant Waste<div class="ExternalClass2707C5D2675E4173BEFB2CF801299B6E"><p>Find common and effective ways to reduce food waste from your restaurant.<br></p></div>

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