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Construction and Demolition Waste, Recycling, and Reuse


Material from the construction, demolition, and renovation of buildings makes up one-third of the waste sent to landfills in the region. Metro Vancouver aims to increase recycling and encourage reuse rates of the construction, renovation, and demolition industry by diverting building materials, such as wood from disposal. ​

Wood and plastic are the largest components of construction and demolition waste disposed of in the region, according to the ​2022 Metro Vancouver Waste Composition Study.

Recycling and reusing building materials has cost-saving incentives, saves trees, conserves landfill space, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and supports affordable housing.

Metro Vancouver has created the Construction and Demolition Waste Toolkit to help contractors, project managers, and home owners find:

  • Alternatives to traditional demolition
  • Ways to reuse and recycle building materials
  • Construction and demolition facilities, recycling depots, and service providers
  • Resources for the management of hazardous materials commonly found in construction sites
Use the toolkit​

Regional demolition bylaws and permits

Metro Vancouver municipalities each have their own set of bylaws and procedures that govern construction and demolition activities, including salvage and recycling requirements.

Some municipalities have implemented regulatory measures to encourage recycling and reuse of building materials. Learn about demolition waste diversion requirements near you using the menu below or by contacting your local building services department.​

Member jurisdictions with construction and demolition recycling requirements​​​

Member jurisdict​​ions with other construction and demolition permitting requirements​​​

​Calculate the waste generated by your residential demolition project

Use this calculator to estimate the weight of each type of waste material generated at a demolition site. It can also calculate the minimum amount of demolition waste (by weight) that must be recycled or reused to fulfill local recycling requirements.

Demolition Waste Generation Rates Calculator​



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