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Regional Wastewater System
| Metro Vancouver



What We Do, What We DoWhat We Do<div class="ExternalClass03C036EBB8BB493582FFE9B32A8C04DD"><p>​Information on Metro Vancouver’s role in regional wastewater management, including treatment and environmental monitoring. </p></div>​<br>
Regional Wastewater System, Regional Wastewater SystemRegional Wastewater System<div class="ExternalClass6BBB816D1172495F9694A496009CCA09"><p>Overview of the regional wastewater system, including GIS maps of wastewater infrastructure.​​<br></p></div>
Reports and Resources, Reports and ResourcesReports and Resources<div class="ExternalClass37AC42E2287543CD846746066E08A518"><p>Plans, policies, annual reports, and resources on wastewater, environmental management and stormwater management.​<br></p></div>
Liquid Waste Regulatory Program, Liquid Waste Regulatory ProgramLiquid Waste Regulatory Program<div class="ExternalClassF8014F9909024CCD834EE724B0B961FD"><p>Bylaws, best practices and wastewater management guides for businesses, industry, and institutions.​<br></p></div>
Wet Weather Sewer Pricing, Wet Weather Sewer PricingWet Weather Sewer Pricing<div class="ExternalClass99B5C535E93B43C2A28DF87A552AE34A"><p>Fees to reduce unwanted water in the regional sewer system.</p>​<br></div>
Liquid Waste Development Cost Charges, Liquid Waste Development Cost ChargesLiquid Waste Development Cost Charges<div class="ExternalClassD0D1761CEC89494F8AB95A4D56BAD4F7"><p>Costs by area and development type, and how charges are calculated and collected.<br></p></div>
Liquid Waste Management Plan, Liquid Waste Management PlanLiquid Waste Management Plan<div class="ExternalClassF6BE798D3BFD44E1B1C1AA5044B44463"><div><p>Key goals and priorities for managing the region’s wastewater. ​<br></p></div></div>




Metro Vancouver’s Wastewater System, Metro Vancouver’s Wastewater SystemMetro Vancouver’s Wastewater System<div class="ExternalClass6F8646D1DA664612B4A8DE239747EDF2"><p>Overview of the system that collects and treats the region’s wastewater.<br></p></div>
GIS Map of Regional Wastewater System, Regional Wastewater System MapGIS Map of Regional Wastewater System<div class="ExternalClass75A75EFF1DDD4D1D8A6D74D1C9C949FD"><p>Interactive maps of wastewater infrastructure, including sewers, pump stations and treatment plants.​​​​<br></p></div>​<br>

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