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Applying for a Permit


Industrial waste discharge permit application

Waste Discharge Permits are required for High Volume Discharges and/or Restricted Wastes as defined in the Sewer Use Bylaw. Application fees should be submitted along with a completed application.

Application Fee: $1,000

​Groundwater discharge permit application

Acceptance of contaminated groundwater from site remediation projects and storm water from excavations in the sanitary sewer are subject to numerous co​nditions, including the capacity of both municipal and regional sanitary sewer systems. Application fees should be submitted along with a completed application

Applicatio​​n Fee:

  • $500 if maximum instantaneous flow is less than or equal to 6 ​L/s
  • $1,​000 if maximum instantaneous flow is greater than 6 L/s

​Industrial and ground​water waste discharge permit administration fees

You must pay an administration fee for each Permit. Industrial Permits have an annual fee. For Groundwater Permits, the fee is based on the term of each Permit and is prorated for terms of less than one year.

Administration Fee (Z):

Z = $1400 + ($300 x A0.3) + B

Where A = maximum daily flow, in cubic metres per day, for the facility, as specified in the Waste Discharge Permit, and

Where B = the dollar amount for the industry type, as specified in Schedule “C”, Section 2.3.3 Table C of the Sewer Use Bylaw.

Industrial ​and groundwater waste discharge permit amendment

Each time a holder of a Waste Discharge Permit applies for an amendment to their Permit an amendment application fee is required. Amendment fees should be submitted along with a completed amendment application.

  • Minor Amendment Fee: $250
  • Major Amendment Fee: $500

Minor and major amendments to a Waste Discharge Permit are defined in Schedule “C”, Section 2.2.2 of the Sewer Use Bylaw.

Industrial treatment fees

Industrial sewer users are charged according to how much treatment their wastewater requires as well as the demands put upon the sewerage system.

The fee rates are updated annually and contained in the table below. They are calculated and invoiced on a quarterly basis to each permitted industry. The fee calculation method is summarized in Schedule “F”, Section 3 of the Sewer Use Bylaw. Rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Usage charges​​

 BOD ($/kg) $0.609
 TSS ($/kg) $0.825
 Flow ($/m3) $0.288

Capacity charges​​

 BOD ($/kg) $5.139
 TSS ($/kg) $26.479
 Flow ($/m3) $21.591

January 2023

FSA = Fraser Sewerage Area;   VSA = Vancouver Sewerage Area  
LIWSA = Lulu Island West Sewerage Area;   NSSA = North Shore Sewerage Area
NWL = Northwest Langley Sewerage Area

Pay fees

Fees associated with Metro Vancouver's regulatory programs can be paid in a variety of ways. Instructions on how to pay fees are provided on application forms and invoices. Fees collected through our regulatory programs are tax exempt.

Invoices are not issued for Waste Discharge Permit application or Waste Discharge Permit amendment fees, as these fees must be submitted with the application form.

Pay fees

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For any questions about the information on this page, contact Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Division

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