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Open Burning Vegetative Debris


Open burning is prohibited unless you obtain authorization from Metro Vancouver. Metro Vancouver authorizations do not replace a municipal burn permit. Contact your local fire department for information about how to obtain a municipal burn permit.

Options for Metro Vancouver authorizations

There are two options to obtaining Metro Vancouver authorization:

What Metro Vanc​​ouver authorization do I need?


Registration and approval fees

Authorization type Agricultural Commercial Residential Wildfire ​risk management
Bylaw 1355
Initial Registration Fee
Agricultural: $100 Commercial: $250 Residential: $50 Wildfire ​risk management: $50
Bylaw 1355
Renewal Fee
Agricultural: $50 Commercial: $100
Residential: $25 Wildfire ​risk management: $25
Bylaw 1082
Open Burning Approval1
Agricultural: $100 Commercial: $1,000 Residential: $1,000 Wildfire ​risk management: $1,000

Open Burning Approval fees are assessed on each approval.

Open Burning registration system

Register below for burning under Bylaw 1355 using the Open Burning Registration System.

Open Burning Online Registration System

Call us at 604-432-OBER (6237) or if you need help with the registration system.

Before you burn

  1. You must reduce or eliminate the amount of material to be burnt.
    • Alternatives to open burning include chipping, grinding, or shredding, and beneficial re-use like composting and mulching.
  2. Ensure there are no prohibited materials in your burn pile(s).
  3. Register to burn under OBER or apply for an Open Burning Approval.
    • Ensure your open burn meets the requirements of OBER or approval issued by Metro Vancouver.
    • Do not burn more than 12 days or portions of days in a year and 6 days or portions of days in a month.
  4. Notify your neighbors of your intent to burn and open burning location. Notification can be done by email, mail, phone, hand delivery, social media, or posting a notice on the property line at the nearest publically accessible location to the planned open burning.
  5. Notify Metro Vancouver by calling 604-436-6777 or emailing Regulation and Enforcement of your intent to burn.
  6. Call 604-436-6777 before starting a burn to find out if Metro Vancouver’s ventilation index allows a burn to be started or continued.
    • Additional burning days are available when using an air curtain incinerator.
  7. Complete and keep an Open Burning R​ecord Sheet, so you can meet the record keeping requirements of OBER.

Why does Metro Vancouver restrict open burning?

Metro Vancouver’s mandate is to protect human health and the environment. Smoke emissions from open-air burning of vegetative debris contain fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful substances. These air contaminants can affect health and the environment, and some contribute to climate change. Because of the population density in parts of Metro Vancouver, smoke emissions from open-air burning can impact many people. Within the region, open-air burning activities are authorized for specific times under certain conditions, and this can create the potential for short-term exposure to elevated levels of smoke.

The regulation provides a simpler and more efficient way to manage open-air burning of vegetative debris in cases where specified requirements are met, while protecting air quality and health.

What is the Ventilation Index?

The ventilation index tells you how quickly and effectively the smoke will flush out of an area. The index is based on the wind speed and the thickness of the so-called “mixing layer” of the atmosphere.​​​​​​​​​​​

Good vent​i​​lation index

Smoke rises quickly and/ or disperses rapidly.

good ventilation index info graph

Poor ventilatio​​n index

Smoke from chimneys or small fires tends to linger near the source or form a shallow trail that extends downwind.

poor ventilation index info graph

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