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Air Quality Complaints
| Metro Vancouver



Residential Indoor Wood Burning, Residential Indoor Wood BurningResidential Indoor Wood Burning<div class="ExternalClass125B07635BA345DB8AFF4844BBF74470"><p>Information about what you need to do to comply with the Residential Indoor Wood Burning Emission Regulation.</p>​​​<br></div>
Non-Road Diesel Engine Regulatory Program, Non-Road Diesel Engine Regulatory ProgramNon-Road Diesel Engine Regulatory Program<div class="ExternalClass6FB37C9902EC413989108E352EB696AA"><p>Information about what you need to do to comply with the Non-Road Diesel Engine Emission Regulation.</p>​<br></div>
Open Burning Vegetative Debris, Open Burning Vegetative DebrisOpen Burning Vegetative Debris<div class="ExternalClassEA484A82F9664069941B715FB2520691"><p>Information about what you need to do to comply with open burning requirements.​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></p>​​<br></div>
Air Quality Permits and Fees, Air Quality Permits and FeesAir Quality Permits and Fees<div class="ExternalClass6DF2832893C9405082C5FFBDABBE6EDC"><p>Includes application forms, transfer forms, active permits, and how to pay emission and administration fees.</p>​<br></div>
Emission Regulations, Emission RegulationsEmission Regulations<div class="ExternalClass9B8CB9FF2B264F6D8E00DEE7BB2E6478"><p>Information, registrati​​on, and audit forms for industrial and commercial emission sources​.<br></p></div>
Resources, ResourcesResources<div class="ExternalClass422586CC24A142D5BFEE7D9F5EF1654C"><p>Includes resources on contaminants such as odour, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds as well as issues such as open burning and residential wood smoke.</p>​​<br></div>
Air Quality Complaints, Air Quality ComplaintsAir Quality Complaints<div class="ExternalClassFC55A9A0E9D24F938BD722D68AD839AB"><p>​We respond to air quality issues such as odour, smoke, dust and other air emissions.</p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>




Make an Air Quality Complaint, Make an Air Quality ComplaintMake an Air Quality Complaint<div class="ExternalClassD2D5CB5E03A24392ACAA18043341E0E2"><p>Submit a complaint about odour, dust or other air contaminant.</p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>
What Happens to a Complaint?, What Happens to a Complaint?What Happens to a Complaint?<div class="ExternalClass4A8B5338504243DABEA4EC8B5B32F679"><p>Air quality complaint process​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></p></div>
Tips on Making an Odour Complaint, Tips on Making an Odour ComplaintTips on Making an Odour Complaint<div class="ExternalClass3B1E713D313C4A81B367DE3EDAC2769C"><p>Be prepared to describe the odour in as much detail as possible.</p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>
Tips on Making a Wood Smoke Complaint, Tips on Making a Wood Smoke Complaint Tips on Making a Wood Smoke Complaint <div class="ExternalClass8B7B12788FE64920921939B639D599A2"><p>Tips on Making a Wood Smoke Complaint.</p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>

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