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Role of Metro Vancouver


​Political representation

Electoral Area A is represented on the Metro Vancouver Board by an elected Director.

Electoral Area A map​

Regional services

Metro Vancouver is responsible for implementing the Regional Growth Strategy. This long-range plan covers the entire region, with the exception of the Howe Sound Islands, which are within the jurisdiction of the Islands Trust and lands within the federal jurisdiction, such as First Nation Reserves, the airport, and port lands.

Metro Vancouver provides the following services across the region, including Electoral Area A:

  • ​9-1-1 emergency telephone
  • Air quality
  • General government
  • Regional Employee Services (RES)
  • Regional utilities
  • Regional parks
  • Strategic and regional growth planning
  • Woodstove exchange program

Within Electoral Area A, Metro Vancouver provides regional infrastructure services to the University of British Columbia and University Endowment Lands, specifically water supply and wastewater treatment. In terms of regional parks, the electoral area contains Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and parklands on Barnston Island.​

Local land use planning

The Electoral Area A Zoning Bylaw sets out the permitted land uses and regulations for specific zones in all areas except:

  • ​Passage and Bowyer Islands, under the Islands Trust jurisdiction
  • First Nation Reserves, under the federal jurisdiction
  • The University Endowment Lands, administered by the province of BC
  • The University of British Columbia, administered by the province of BC
The approving officer for subdivisions is the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. In addition to the zoning regulations on Barnston Island, the Agricultural Land Reserve Act also applies as the island is within the land reserve.

Bowyer Island and Passage Island have an official community plan and zoning bylaw that is administered by the Islands Trust. The University Endowment Lands has an official community plan and its own zoning bylaw. The University of British Columbia has a land use plan that establishes generalized land uses and provides policies and other criteria for development of the Vancouver campus.

Liquor and retail cannabis licenses

Metro Vancouver, as the local government, may provide comments to the province as they consider liquor (primary) and cannabis retail license applications.

General administration

Electoral Area A general administration may include conducting studies, facilitating aid agreements, and working with residents to address concerns in their communities.


In the 2021 census, the population of Electoral Area A was 18,612. Most of the population lives at University of British Columbia and in the University Endowment Lands (18,296). The population of the remaining area was approximately 316.

2021 Population and Dwelling Counts​​​

​El​ectoral Area A ​census population ​(2016 – ​2021)​

​​​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Population​​20162021% Change​
​​University of British Columbia (UBC)​​12,908​​15,103​​17.00%
University Endowment Lands (UEL)​​2,982​​​3,193​​7.10%
Barnston Island​​127​​111​​-12.60%
Howe Sound communities (includes Passage and Bowyer Islands)​​72​​104​​44.40%
Indian Arm/Pitt Lake communities44​​101129.50%

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