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Air Quality Data and Advisories


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This map displays air q​​uality and weather data from the Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Network. Metro Vancouver operates this network in cooperation with the Fraser Valley Regional District, Environment Canada and other partners.​

​​Open AirMap​​​​​​​

Air quality advisories and bulletins

Air quality status update

Archived updates

Air quality monitoring network outages

Air quality advisories

Air quality advisories are issued when degraded regional air quality exceeds or is expected to exceed Metro Vancouver’s air quality objectives. Advisories contain information that describes the immediate issue, the impacts it may have, and what everyone can do to protect themselves and improve air quality.

Learn about Metro Vancouver's Air Quality Advisory Program and how to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

Air quality bulletins

Metro Vancouver puts out air quality bulletins to let you know when air quality may degrade in localized areas within the communities identified in each bulletin. Air quality bulletins are issued during the cooler times of year (fall or winter) when weather conditions are preventing dispersion of air pollutants.

Air quality status updates

Air quality status updates are provided when needed during the summer air quality advisory period (typically June to September). These updates are issued when there is the potential for degraded regional air quality in advance of or during an air quality advisory.

Conditions may change at any time and the update may not accurately portray current conditions. To view the real-time air quality data and the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), visit

These updates do not replace air quality advisories.

Advisory outlook levels

Advisory outlook levels are provided in the air quality status update (when available) to communicate the potential for an air quality advisory.

Low: Regional air quality is not expected to exceed ambient air quality objectives and an air quality advisory is unlikely.

Medium: Regional air quality may be somewhat degraded or is expected to become degraded. There is considerable uncertainty if air quality objectives will be exceeded and if an air quality advisory will be necessary.

High: Regional air quality may be degraded or expected to be degraded. Air quality objectives may be exceeded and an air quality advisory may be needed, however there may still be uncertainty. Metro Vancouver staff are closely watching the situation.​



What To Do When An Air Quality Advisory Is IssuedWhat To Do When An Air Quality Advisory Is Issued723904524

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