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Committee Members


​Below a​​re the 2024 Metro Vancouver standing committees and their members.



Caucus of Committee ChairsCaucus of Committee Chairs<div class="ExternalClassD286A21ED1F54561AB089753DAC2651B"> <div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>Harvie, George V. (C) – Delta<br>McEwen, John (VC) – Anmore​​<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond​​​<br>Buchanan, Linda – North Vancouver City​​<br>Dhaliwal, Sav – Burnaby<br>Dominato, Lisa – Vancouver<br>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby<br>Kirby-Yung, Sarah – Vancouver​<br></p></div><div><p>Kruger, Dylan – Delta<br>Locke, Brenda – Surrey<br>McCutcheon, Jen – Electoral Area A<br>Muri, Lisa – North Vancouver District<br>​Ruimy, Dan – Maple Ridge<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township​​<br>​<br></p></div></div> <br> <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/documents/COF_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Caucus of Committee Chairs Terms of Reference</a>​​​<br></p> ​<br></div>
Climate Action CommitteeClimate Action Committee<div class="ExternalClassE316FF04924049C0888E436A285DB4D2"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Domina​to, Lisa (C) – Vancouver<br>Johnstone, Patrick (VC) – New Westminster<br>Baillie, Tim – Langley Township<br>​Berry, Ken – Lions Bay<br>Bose, Mike – Surrey​<br>Carr, Adriane – Vancouver<br>Gu, Alison – Burnaby<br>Lahti, Meghan – Port Moody</p></div><div><p>Marsden, Dennis – ​Coquitlam<br>​​McCutcheon, Jen – Electoral Area A<br>McNulty, Bill – Richmond​<br>Pope, Catherine – North Vancouver District<br>Ross, Jamie – Belcarra<br>Ruimy, Dan – Maple Ridge​<br>​​Wallace, Rosemary – Langley City</p></div></div> <br> <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/CAC_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Climate Action Committee Terms of Reference</a>​<br></p>​<br></div>
Electoral Area CommitteeElectoral Area Committee<div class="ExternalClass42E75E19BD93425989555B0E31009860"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>McCutcheon, Jen (C) – Electoral Area A<br>Ross, Jamie (VC) – Belcarra<br>Berry, Ken – Lions Bay​<br>Bose, Mike ​– Surrey</p></div><div><p>Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township<br>Leonard, Andrew – Bowen Island<br>Meiszner, Peter – Vancouver<br></p></div></div>​​ <br> <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/EAC_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Electoral Area Committee Terms of Reference</a></p></div>​<br>​<br>
Finance CommitteeFinance Committee<div class="ExternalClassF17CE6E40FC74484A368645B08BDBD05"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​West, Brad (C) – Port Coquitlam<br>Klassen, Mike (VC) – Vancouver​​<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond<br>Buchanan, Linda – North Vancouver City<br>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby<br>Kooner, Pardeep – Surrey</p></div><div><p>Kruger, Dylan – Delta<br>Little, Mike – North Vancouver District<br>​MacDonald, Nicole – Pitt Meadows​<br>McEwen, John – Anmore<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/FIN_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Finance Terms of Reference</a>​​<br></p></div>
Financial Plan Task ForceFinancial Plan Task Force<div class="ExternalClass9E3D04C81B3E46F295FE12D5C2D98FA1"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Harvie, George V. (C) – Delta<br>McEwen, John (VC)​ – Anmore<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond<br>Buchanan, Linda – North Vancouver City<br>Dominato, Lisa  – Vancouver<br></p></div><div><p>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby<br>Kooner, Pardeep – Surrey<br>Sager, Mark – West Vancouver​<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township</p></div></div>​​ <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/FPTF_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Financial Plan Task Force Terms of Reference</a>​​​<br></p></div>
Flood Resiliency CommitteeFlood Resiliency Committee<div class="ExternalClassE8AFBC43F0444EA0B731BF59B6AE4C13"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Kruger, Dylan (C) – Delta<br>MacDonald, Nicole (VC) – Pitt Meadows<br>Bose, Mike – Surrey​​<br>Cassidy, Laura – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Dueck, Judy​ – Maple Ridge<br>Djonlic, Matt – Coquitlam</p></div><div><p>Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township<br>J​ohnstone, Patrick – New Westminster​<br>McCutcheon, Jen – Electoral Area A<br>McNulty, Bill – Richmond<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam</p></div></div>​​ <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/FRTF_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Flood Resiliency Committee Terms of Reference​</a>​<br></p></div>
George Massey Crossing Task ForceGeorge Massey Crossing Task Force<div class="ExternalClass42EEABCEB28C40848BA624EF2B90D5D5"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Brodie, Malcolm (C) – Richmond<br>Kruger, Dylan (VC) – Delta​<br>Cassidy, Laura – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Hepner, Gordon – Surrey<br>Hurley, Mike – Bu​rnaby<br></p></div><div><p>Knight, Megan – White Rock<br>Montague, Brian – Vancouver<br> West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township<br>​<br></p></div></div><p>​​<i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/GMA_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">George Massey Crossing Task Force Terms of Reference</a>​​​​<br></p></div>
Housing CommitteeHousing Committee<div class="ExternalClass55CCB23A58F7477FB8F662D2CE8FAF57"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Ruimy, Dan (C) – Maple Ridge<br>Locke, Brenda (V​C) – Surrey<br>Buchanan, Linda – North Va​ncouver City<br>Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township<br>​Hepner, Gordo​n – Surrey<br>Kruger, Dylan – Delta<br></p></div><div><p>McNulty, Bill – Richmond<br>Meiszner, Peter – Vancouver<br>Pollock, Glenn – Port Coquitlam<br>Tetrault, Daniel – Burnaby<br>Towner, Teri – Coquitlam</p></div></div>​​ <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/HOU_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Housing Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​​<br></p></div>
Indigenous Relations CommitteeIndigenous Relations Committee<div class="ExternalClassF413B36E840D4B7EB1310107B58659F5"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Dhaliwal, Sav (C) – Burnaby<br>Ferguson, Steve (VC) – Langley Township<br>Albrecht, Paul – Langley City<br>​Boyle, Christine ​​– Vancouver<br>Cassidy, Laura – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Dilworth, Diana – Port Moody<br>Elke, Tracy – Pitt Meadows<br>Hanson, Jim – North Vancouver District​<br></p></div><div><p>Johnstone, Patrick – New Westminster<br>Loo, Alexa – Richmond<br>Mandewo, Trish – Coquitlam<br>​Muri, Lisa – District of North Vancouver​<br>Ruimy, Dan – Maple Ridge</p><p> <strong>​Non-voting Members:</strong><br>​Lum, Jason – Observer<br>McMahon, Donna – Observer​​<br>​​​Rainbow, Tony – Observer​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/INR_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Indigenous Relations Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​​<br></p></div>
Invest Vancouver Management BoardInvest Vancouver Management Board<div class="ExternalClass4717E3A05E384963B670347350D60003"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>Buchanan, Linda (C) – North Vancouver City<br>Bains, Harry (VC) – Surrey<br>Anderson, Bridgitte – Greater Vancouver Board of Trade<br>Andrews, Janet – New Westminster & District Labour Council<br>Bak, Andrew – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond<br>Choo, Queenie – S.U.C.C.E.S.S.<br>Curry, Joanne – Simon Fraser University<br>Dahl, Darren – Sauder School of Business, UBC<br>Dao, Loc – DigiBC<br>Davies, Trevor – CUPE BC<br>Dhaliwal, Bob – International Longshore and Warehouse Union<br>Dominato, Lisa – Vancouver<br>Gambioli, Nora – West Vancouver<br>Huberman, Anita – Surrey Board of Trade<br>Hurlburt, Wendy – Life Sciences BC<br>Jackson, Jeanette – Foresight<br>Lang, Amy – North Shore/Mammoth Studios</p></div><div><p>​Lee, Richard – Burnaby<br>Lewis, Christopher (Syeta’xtn) – Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw ​(Squamish Nation)​<br>McDaniel, Michael – Coast Mountain Bus Company<br>McEwen, John – Anmore<br>McNaney, Mike – Vancouver Airport Authority<br>Mihlar, Fazil – Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation<br>Muir, Cheryl – DIGITAL<br>Mustel, Evi – Mustel Group<br>Patel, Ajay – Vancouver Community College<br>Stachova, Olga – MOSAIC<br>Stephenson, Diana – BC Hydro​<br>Tsui, David – Pacific Economic Development Canada (Pacifican)<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br>Xotta, Peter – Vancouver Fraser Port Authority<br>​Yu, Bryan – Central 1</p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/IVMB_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Invest Vancouver Management Board Terms of Reference</a>​​​<br></p></div>
Liquid Waste CommitteeLiquid Waste Committee<div class="ExternalClass78C8A38C71FB4DFCB0CA73AAC977C37B"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Hurley, Mike (C) – Burnaby<br>Knight, Megan (VC) – ​​White Rock<br>Albrecht, Paul – Langley City<br>Cassidy, Christine – West Vancouver<br>Elford, Doug – Surrey​<br>Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township<br>Kirby-Yung, Sarah – Vancouver​​<br>Kim, Steve – Coquitlam<br></p></div><div><p>​Kruger, Dylan – Delta<br>​Little, Mike – North Vancouver District<br>Loo, Alexa – Richmond<br>​​MacDonald, Nicole – Pitt Meadows<br> Nakagawa, Nadine – New Westminster<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br>Yousef, Ahmed – Maple Ridge<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/LWA_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Liquid Waste Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​​​<br></p></div>
Mayors CommitteeMayors Committee<div class="ExternalClassC91F68502B564637B7E5A149942286E2"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Locke, Brenda (C) – Surrey<br>West, Brad (VC) – Port Coquit​lam<br>Berry, Ken – Lions Bay<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond<br>Buchanan, Lind​a – North Vancouver City<br>Cassidy, Laura – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Harvie, George V. – Delta<br>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby<br>Johnstone, Patrick – New Westminster<br>Knight, Megan – White Rock<br>Lahti, Meghan – Port Moody<br>Leonard, Andrew – Bowen Island</p></div><div><p>Little, Mike – North Vancouver District<br>MacDonald, Nicole – Pitt Meadows<br>McCutcheon, Jen – Electoral Area A<br>McEwen, John – Anmore<br>Pachal, Nathan – Langley City<br>Ross, Jamie – Belcarra<br>Ruimy, Dan – Maple Ridge<br>Sager, Mark – West Vancouver<br>Sim, Ken – Vancouver<br>Stewart, Richard – Coquitlam<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/MAY_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Mayors Committee Terms of Reference</a></p>​​​<br></div>
North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Program Task ForceNorth Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Program Task Force<div class="ExternalClassD286A21ED1F54561AB089753DAC2651B"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Harvie, George V. (C) – Delta<br>McEwen, John (VC) – Anmore​​<br>Brodie, Malcolm – Richmond​​<br>Buchanan, Linda – North Vancouver City​​<br>Dominato, Lisa – Vancouver<br>​Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township<br>Hodge, Craig – Coquitlam<br>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby​<br></p></div><div><p>Johnstone, Patrick – New Westminster<br>Lahti, Meghan – Port Moody​​<br>Little, Mike – North Vancouver District<br>Locke, Brenda ​​​– Surrey​<br>​Ruimy, Dan – Maple Ridge<br>Sager, Mark – West Vancouver​<br>​West, Brad – Port Coquitlam<br></p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/nsh_tor.pdf" target="_blank">North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Program Task Force​​ Terms of Reference</a></p></div></div></div>​<br>​<br>
Regional Culture CommitteeRegional Culture Committee<div class="ExternalClassAFFBC6FCB2EC4F0B94D79C57C8AC57F0"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Muri, Lisa (C) – North Vancouver District<br>Lahti, Megh​an (VC) – Port Moody<br>Baillie, Tim – Langley Township<br>​Bains, Harry – Surrey<br>Berry, Ken – Lions Bay<br>Krier, Polly – Anmore</p></div><div><p>McCurrach, Nancy – Port Coquitlam<br>Nakagawa, Nadine – New Westminster<br>Santiago, Maita – Burnaby<br>Towner, Teri – Coquitlam<br>Zhou, Lenny – Vancouver<br></p></div></div>​​ <p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/RCC_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Regional Culture Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​<br></p></div>
Regional Parks CommitteeRegional Parks Committee<div class="ExternalClass7527232D56F04D9DB16EC9202169CBC7"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​McEwen, John (C) – Anmore<br>Bligh, Rebecca (VC) – Vancouver<br>Au, Chak – Richmond<br>Calendino, Pietro – Burnaby​<br>Elke, Tracy – Pitt Meadows<br>Hodge, Craig – Coquitlam<br>Kruger, Dylan – Delta<br>Lahti, Meghan – Port Moody​<br></p></div><div><p>Leonard, Andrew – Bowen Island<br>Muri, Lisa – North Vancouver District<br>​​Penner, Darrell – Port Coquitlam<br>Ross, Jamie – Belcarra<br>Stutt, Rob – Surrey<br>Tan, Jenny – Maple Ridge<br>Thompson, Sharon – West Vancouver<br>Woodward, Eric – Langley Township<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/PAR_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Regional Parks Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​<br></p></div>
Regional Planning CommitteeRegional Planning Committee<div class="ExternalClass4B596230E4B148298A41D911269B8A62">​ <div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​ <div><p>​Woodward, Eric (C) – Langley Township<br>Kruger, Dylan​ (VC) – Delta<br>Bligh, Rebecca – Vancouver<br>​Carreras, Korleen – Maple Ridge<br>​​Girard, Angela – North Vancouver City<br>Hodge, Craig – Coquitlam<br>Hurley, Mike – Burnaby</p></div><div><p>Johnstone, Patrick – New Westminster<br>​​Knight, Megan – White Rock<br>Lahti, Meghan – Port Moody<br>Lambur, Peter – West Vancouver<br>Locke, Brenda – Surrey<br>McEwen, John – Anmore<br>West, Brad – Port Coquitlam</p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/RPL_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Regional Planning Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​​​​<br></p></div>
Water CommitteeWater Committee<div class="ExternalClass4B1BAE0CA63749EEB2C5265DC2859D69"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Brodie, Malcolm (C) – Richmond<br>Sager, Mark (VC) – West Vancouver<br>Albrecht, P​aul – Langley City<br>Bell, Don – North Vancouver City<br>Cassidy, Laura – scəẃaθən məsteyəxʷ ​(Tsawwassen First Nation)<br>Guichon, Alicia – Delta<br>​Hodge, Craig – Coquitlam</p></div><div><p>Keithley, Joe – Burnaby<br>Little, Mike – North Vancouver District<br>MacDonald, Nicole – Pitt Meadows<br>Stutt, Rob – Surrey<br>vanPopta, Misty – Langley Township<br>Zhou, Lenny – Vancouver<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/WAT_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Water Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​<br></p></div>
Zero Waste CommitteeZero Waste Committee<div class="ExternalClass965F6982141B48668175CB6B6C1C95FD"><div class="uk-grid uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-child-width-1-1 uk-child-width-1-2@s">​<div><p>​Kirby-Yung, Sarah (C) – Vancouver<br>Hodge, Craig (VC) – Coquitlam<br>Calendino​​, Pietro – Burnaby<br>Darling, Steve – Port Coquitlam<br>Ferguson, Steve – Langley Township</p></div><div><p>Fry, Pete – Vancouver​<br>Muri, Lisa – North Vancouver District<br>Wallace, Rosemary – Langley City<br>Weverink, Paul – Anmore<br>​<br></p></div></div><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/boards/Documents/ZWC_TOR.pdf" target="_blank">Zero Waste Committee Terms of Reference</a>​​<br></p></div>




2024 Committee Membership Contact Information, 2024 Committee Membership Contact Information2024 Committee Membership Contact Information
Metro Vancouver Handbook for Board and Committee Members, Metro Vancouver Handbook for Board and Committee MembersMetro Vancouver Handbook for Board and Committee Members

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