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<div class="ExternalClass29CCE059751D47A9A1C58AB907EDC593"><p>Housing is addressed by Metro Vancouver in two key ways.</p><p>Through its <strong>Housing Planning and Policy</strong> function, Metro Vancouver supports and convenes member jurisdictions around affordable housing issues. This group supports regional housing priorities through the provision of planning and policy resources and information, best practices research, and advocacy.</p><p>Through <strong>Metro Vancouver Housing</strong>, over 3,400 affordable rental homes are provided on 49 sites across the region, serving close to 10,000 people. Established in 1974, Vancouver Housing Corporation is a non-profit organization whose sole shareholder is the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD). Metro Vancouver Housing provides affordable rental homes primarily for families, seniors, and people with disabilities with low to moderate incomes.</p><p>Metro Vancouver Housing offers a range of homes, from single room occupancy (SRO) units to four-bedroom townhomes, at below-market rates and rates based on tenants’ incomes.</p><p>The following provides an overview of performance measures for Metro Vancouver Housing’s portfolio of mixed-income affordable rental housing complexes.</p></div>



Metro Vancouver Housing GHG Emissions, MVHC GHG emissionsMetro Vancouver Housing GHG Emissions<div class="ExternalClass480056B69AE54F1CB658870AB42A2F35"><p>in the Housing portfolio<br></p></div>7.73grams CO2e per square metremv-border-orange
Metro Vancouver Housing Rent-Geared-to-Income Units, Metro Vancouver Housing rent-geared-to-income unitsMetro Vancouver Housing Rent-Geared-to-Income Units<div class="ExternalClass6423AF3EE81540CE8379BBB83D40DB4A"><p>rented to RGI tenants<br></p></div>30.9%of unitsmv-border-orange
Metro Vancouver Housing Tenant Program Activities, Metro Vancouver Housing tenant program activitiesMetro Vancouver Housing Tenant Program Activities<div class="ExternalClass102829ABA76A4C9CB345E78601135A1B"><p>​have tenant program activities<br></p></div>140of MVHC communitiesmv-border-orange
Metro Vancouver Housing Vacancy Rate, Metro Vancouver Housing vacancy rateMetro Vancouver Housing Vacancy Rate<div class="ExternalClass4F91E877EF0148EDAE1495D89BDF5F50"><p>at the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation<br></p></div>0.10%housing vacancymv-border-orange
Project Completion: Housing Redevelopment, Project Completion: Housing RedevelopmentProject Completion: Housing Redevelopment<div class="ExternalClassC1E42D8E4D3E4557B3D50ED2B7E42F66"><p>click for more info<br></p></div>varies by projectmv-border-orange
Project Completion: Housing Rehabilitation, Project Completion: Housing RehabilitationProject Completion: Housing Rehabilitation<div class="ExternalClass52E9D214772A49EAA35A9DB2E6918073"><p>click for more info<br></p></div>varies by projectmv-border-orange
Project Completion: New Development, Project Completion: New DevelopmentProject Completion: New Development<div class="ExternalClass109913F4B628468F94D8A0B6476FD08D"><p>click for more info​<br></p></div>varies by projectmv-border-orange

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