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Kersland Reservoir Upgrade




Kersland Reservoir UpgradeKersland Reservoir Upgrade<div class="ExternalClassB51AA48BAB024609A5E68DB313159732"><p>Operating our vast drinking water system requires constant upgrades, improvements, repairs and expansion, in order to meet the needs of a growing population. Metro Vancouver is upgrading the Kersland Reservoir located at Queen Elizabeth Park in the City of Vancouver. Kersland Reservoir is an in-system reservoir, one of 27 in the region. In-system reservoirs help maintain the required water pressure needed during peak times. This upgrade project will extend the lifespan of Kersland Reservoir to ensure the delivery of high-quality drinking water to residents and businesses of the region into the future. Construction is taking place in two phases, between fall 2021 until winter ​2024.</p><p>Kersland Reservoir is located in the southwest corner of Queen Elizabeth park below the sports facilities off Kersland Drive. Phase one of the Kersland Reservoir Upgrade project began in late October 2021 and is now complete. Phase two will take place between fall and winter 2024.</p><p> <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Kersland-Reservoir-Upgrade-Fact-Sheet.pdf"><i class="fa-light fa-file">​</i> ​Kersland Rese​rvoir Upgrade Fact Sheet.​</a></p></div>City of Vancouver





Project location map of Kersland Reservoir Upgrade location map of Kersland Reservoir Upgrade



Project activitiesProject activities<div class="ExternalClassD21207F4AB034EA3ADD62DE362FDEA5D"><ul><li>Draining the reservoir to prepare for construction</li><li>Repairing the internal structure of unit #1<br></li><li>Upgrading pipes and valves inside unit #2<br></li></ul><p>Construction for these upgrades will take place in two phases. ​<br></p></div>
Impacts and mitigationImpacts and mitigation<div class="ExternalClass70867E108E084FBB944854A4E8F98959"><p>To ensure the safety of the public during construction, there will be partial closures of the sport facilities for each phase of the project. The closures will be communicated closer to the start of each phase.<br></p><p>Pedestrian access near the reservoir may be closed for short periods of time.<br></p><p>No traffic impacts are expected during construction other than a slight increase in truck traffic in and out of the park. We are working to minimize impacts on residential street parking.</p></div>
Work hoursWork hours<div class="ExternalClassE00E58DDD013477B826B4C140F511632"><p>Typical hours of work are:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 8:00 pm. </li></ul><p>There may be times when crews will need to work longer hours or on weekends to complete certain tasks. All work will comply with City of Vancouver/Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation bylaws and granted bylaw variances.</p></div>
Project materialsProject materials<div class="ExternalClass2582EDD672164935BB50D40FAAFE35BB"><ul class="fa-ul"><li><a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Kersland-Reservoir-Upgrade-Fact-Sheet.pdf">​ <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span>​Fact Sheet - Kersland Reservoir Upgrade Project​</a></li><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link"></i> </span>​ <a href="/services/water/the-regional-system" target="_blank">Learn more about Metro Vancouver’s drinking water system</a></li></ul></div>



Complete Summer 2022Complete Summer 2022<div class="ExternalClass47E16D39E7684A9BA48FCA4DB5FF1D4D">Phase 1<br><br></div>1
Fall 2024Fall 2024<div class="ExternalClassDD398658D8914563942317F8AB88E59B"><p>Reservoir Condition Assessment<br></p></div>0
Fall 2024 - Winter 2024Fall 2024 - Winter 2024<div class="ExternalClass3CB2C72D00CE45F0B410A3057130026C"><p>​Phase 2​​<br></p></div>0

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