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Kennedy Newton Water Main




Kennedy Newton Water MainKennedy Newton Water Main<div class="ExternalClass0D621E07ACFF43E0ABC788F6B5F95D70"><p>Metro Vancouver is constructing the new Kennedy Newton Water Main in the City of Surrey and City of Delta to meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region. </p><p>Kennedy Newton Water Main is over eight kilometers long, and it is 1.8 metres in diameter, which is approximately the height of a person. Due to the large size and overall length of the new water main, construction has been split up into five sections.</p><p>Kennedy Newton Water Main consists of the following sections:</p><ul><li> <strong>Section 1</strong> runs from 84 Avenue to 72 Avenue and was completed in winter 2021</li><li> <a href="/services/water/kennedy-newton-water-main-section-2" target="_blank"> <strong>Section 2</strong>​</a> runs from 72 Avenue to Newton Reservoir at 63 Avenue and was completed in fall 2023; water main connection will take place in 2024<br></li><li> <strong>Scott Road Section</strong> runs along Scott Road between 88 Avenue and 86 Avenue and was completed in summer 2023</li><li> <a href="/services/water/Pages/kennedy-newton-water-main-south-section.aspx" target="_blank"><strong>South Section</strong></a> runs along 86 Avenue and 123 Street; this section will be completed in spring 2025</li><li> <strong>North Section</strong> runs from Kennedy Park Reservoir at 90 Avenue, along Holt Road to 88 Avenue; construction of this section will start in 2024 and will be completed in 2026<br></li></ul><p>When the entire Kennedy Newton Water Main is complete, it will help ensure the continued delivery of high-quality drinking water to residents and businesses south of the Fraser River well into the future.​ </p> <br> </div>City of Surrey and City of Delta



Section 2, Section 2Section 2
South Section, South SectionSouth Section



Map - Kennedy Newton Water Main - Project Alignment - Kennedy Newton Water Main - Project Alignment



Engagement Engagement <div class="ExternalClass688B382876864D70B0BBB6485B5A7AAA"><p>At Metro Vancouver, we make decisions that impact the 2.8 million residents that live in our region. Metro Vancouver engages municipalities, businesses and the general public whenever we are working on a new program, policy, or project across our service areas. Learn more about our <a href="/about-us/community-engagement" target="_blank" title="engagement principles">engagement principles</a>.</p><h3>Keeping the community updated</h3><p>Metro Vancouver will keep the community informed as the project progresses by sending updates through print notifications, email, website, door knocking, and on-site signage. You can subscribe to receive updates via email by selecting Kennedy Newton Water Main on our <a href="/services/water/water-engagement-mailing-list" target="_blank" title="water projects sign-up page">water projects sign-up page</a>.</p><p>Our community liaison is available throughout the project to address any questions or comments you may have about the Kennedy Newton Water Main.​<br></p>​​<br></div>
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Kennedy Newton Water Main Kennedy Newton Water Main 478308598



CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClassD382ACD5F25F475489C0E677CF9E8408">Section 1​​<br></div>0
2020 - 20242020 - 2024<div class="ExternalClass96F112C1A717431599EB98BF2EF39283">Section 2​​<br></div>1
CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClassEFA392A22A8D4E27A11F64CBBA5387C8">Scott Road Section</div>0
2023 - 20252023 - 2025<div class="ExternalClassBE5133D183634641A3B1713157EE365C">South Section</div>1
2024 - 20262024 - 2026<div class="ExternalClassA51E0E5747AC45DF9201C2118826EC3A">North Section</div>0

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