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Kennedy Newton Water Main




Kennedy Newton Water MainKennedy Newton Water Main<div class="ExternalClass0D621E07ACFF43E0ABC788F6B5F95D70"><p>To meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region, Metro Vancouver is constructing the Kennedy Newton Water Main in the City of Surrey and the City of Delta. </p><p>This water main is 1.8 metres in diameter and is being constructed in sections over several years due to its length of approximately eight kilometres. This project also includes construction of eight underground valve chambers and two tunnel sections along the alignment. Construction started in fall 2019 and is scheduled to be complete in 2025.</p><p>Please see map below for project alignment. Kennedy Newton Water Main consists of the following five sections:</p><ul><li><strong>Section 1</strong> runs from 84 Avenue to 72 Avenue and was completed in winter 2021</li><li> <a href="/services/water/kennedy-newton-water-main-section-2" target="_blank"><strong>Section 2</strong>​</a> runs from 72 Avenue to Newton Reservoir at 63 Avenue; this section is currently in restoration phase and will be completed in fall 2023</li><li><strong>Scott Road Section</strong> runs along Scott Road between 88 Avenue and 86 Avenue and was completed in summer 2023</li><li><strong>South Section</strong> runs along 86 Avenue and 123 Street; this section will be completed in spring 2025</li><li><strong>North Section</strong> runs from Kennedy Park Reservoir at 90 Avenue, along Holt Road to 88 Avenue; construction of this section will start in 2024 and will be completed in 2025</li></ul><p>When the entire Kennedy Newton Water Main​ is complete, it will help ensure the continued delivery of high-quality drinking water to residents and businesses south of the Fraser River well into the future. </p> <br> </div>City of Surrey and City of Delta



South Section Update – Road Closures on 123 StreetSouth Section Update – Road Closures on 123 Street<div class="ExternalClass982E2CDA71E0455B9CBC3A62A621ECE2"><p> <strong>Location:</strong> Installation of the new water main will take place along 123 Street between 84 Avenue and 86 Avenue:<br></p><ul><li>Temporary full road closures; detour route will be in place</li><li>Temporary restricted driveway access</li><li> Temporary restricted sidewalk access</li></ul><p> <strong>Date:</strong> October 2023 until early spring 2024<br></p><p> <strong>Work hours: </strong>Monday to Saturday, between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm; road closures will remain in place after hours​<br></p>​ </div>10/4/2023 7:00:00 AM
South Section Update – Partial Road ClosureSouth Section Update – Partial Road Closure<div class="ExternalClass982E2CDA71E0455B9CBC3A62A621ECE2"><p><strong>Location:</strong> 84 Avenue and 123 Street intersection will be partially closed:<br></p><ul><li>Single lane alternating traffic will be maintained along 84 Avenue </li><li>No northbound or southbound through traffic</li></ul><p><strong>Date:</strong> Starting as early as September 18; work will continue for approximately two weeks<br></p><p><strong>Work hours: </strong>Between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm; road closure will remain in place after hours<br></p>​ </div>9/15/2023 7:00:00 AM
Scott Road Section UpdateScott Road Section Update<div class="ExternalClassA2FDAE5B3A3E4EFCB9FE1ABF20C2BFBD"><p><strong>Scott Road Section of Kennedy Newton Water Main is Now Complete</strong></p><p>The only activities remaining for this section are cleaning, filling, and pressure testing the water main, which will take place underground with minimal impact to the community.</p><p><strong>Scott Road Restoration</strong></p><p>Restoration of Scott Road between 86 Avenue and 88 Avenue is expected to be restored and open by the end of summer 2023. Restoration activities include:</p><ul><li>Permanent asphalt paving and line painting</li><li>Replacement and repair of sidewalks, curbs, and driveways</li><li>Clean up and removal of construction materials and equipment</li></ul><p>Read the full update in our <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/kennedy-newton-water-main-scott-road-section-newsletter-june-2023.pdf" target="_blank" title="Kennedy Newton Water Main - June Newsletter">Kennedy Newton Water Main – June Newsletter</a>.</p></div>, Scott Road Section Update6/27/2023 7:00:00 AM



Kennedy Newton Water Main - Section 3 - July 2022 Newton Water Main - Section 3 - July 2022
Kennedy Newton Water Main - Alignment - December 2022 Newton Water Main - Alignment - December 2022
Map - Kennedy Newton Water Main - South Section - Apr 2023 - Kennedy Newton Water Main - South Section - Apr 2023



Project activitiesProject activities<div class="ExternalClass29B84586677B49849E7402873C9B761B"><p>Construction activities will include:</p><ul><li>Excavating a trench to install eight kilometres of 1.8-metre-diametre pipe</li><li>Installing eight underground valve chambers that will be used to regulate the flow of water in the water distribution system</li><li>Constructing shafts that will be used as entry points for tunnel construction in two locations</li><li>Performing testing and cleaning on the installed water main</li><li>Connecting the water main to the existing distribution system</li><li>Restoring all work areas to similar or better condition​<br></li></ul> ​​<br></div>
Impacts and mitigationImpacts and mitigation<div class="ExternalClassD03056F6E03342389C59AE0EE33C5CF6"><p>Metro Vancouver recognizes the construction of Kennedy Newton Water Main may significantly impact the local community. In order to keep traffic moving safely and efficiently during construction, Metro Vancouver will implement traffic control personnel, detour signage, and other traffic management tools to accommodate the temporary traffic disruptions and potential delays. To ensure the safety of residents and construction crews and to reduce project impacts in the community, Metro Vancouver will:</p><ul><li>Advertise detour routes in advance</li><li>Notify residents and businesses of temporary driveway and access closures in advance</li><li>Ensure emergency services will have access to properties and businesses at all times​<br></li></ul>​​<br></div>
Work hoursWork hours<div class="ExternalClass8D7BB047AE2E452082DE3A606E486559"><p>There will be some noise associated with this project, but crews will attempt to reduce noise impacts to nearby residents and businesses where possible. There will be times when crews will need to work longer hours and on weekends to complete the project efficiently and ahead of schedule.</p><p>All work will comply with City of Surrey and City of Delta bylaws and granted bylaw variances. Typical hours of work are:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm</li><li>Saturdays: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm</li><li>Sundays and holidays: No work planned</li></ul>​​<br></div>
Engagement Engagement <div class="ExternalClass688B382876864D70B0BBB6485B5A7AAA"><p>Metro Vancouver is committed to minimizing construction impacts, working with the community to listen to concerns and ensure they are considered as construction progresses. The project team will:</p><ul><li>Connect with residents and businesses along the water main route to advise them of upcoming construction activities</li><li>Provide a dedicated community liaison to address any public questions or concerns</li><li>Work closely with the City of Surrey, City of Delta, residents, businesses, and other community partners to identify and mitigate construction impacts</li></ul>​​<br></div>
Project materialsProject materials<div class="ExternalClass951FC821F93B489CA5B5132B93A28B16"><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span>​ <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/Fact-Sheet-KennedyNewtonWaterMain.pdf" target="_blank">Fact Sheet – Kennedy Newton Water Main – Last 3 Sections​</a>​</li><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> </span>​ <a href="/services/water/ConstructionDocuments/kennedy-newton-water-main-scott-road-section-newsletter-june-2023.pdf" target="_blank">Newsletter - June 29 2023</a><br></li><li> <span class="fa-li"> <i class="fa-light fa-link"></i></span> ​<a href="/services/water/the-regional-system" target="_blank">Learn more about Metro Vancouver’s drinking water system</a></li></ul></div>



Kennedy Newton Water Main Kennedy Newton Water Main 478308598



CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClassD382ACD5F25F475489C0E677CF9E8408">Section 1​​<br></div>0
Summer 2020 – Fall 2023Summer 2020 – Fall 2023<div class="ExternalClass96F112C1A717431599EB98BF2EF39283">Section 2​​<br></div>1
CompleteComplete<div class="ExternalClassEFA392A22A8D4E27A11F64CBBA5387C8">Scott Road Section</div>0
Spring 2023 - Spring 2025Spring 2023 - Spring 2025<div class="ExternalClassBE5133D183634641A3B1713157EE365C">South Section</div>1
2024 - 20252024 - 2025<div class="ExternalClassA51E0E5747AC45DF9201C2118826EC3A">North Section</div>0

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