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​​Metro Vancouver is responsible for managing and disposing of waste generated by residents and businesses in the region as well as long-term planning for reducing waste, and improving recycling systems.

Our Solid Waste Management Plan focuses on reducing the waste generated within our region, improving reuse and recycling options, recovering maximum resources from remaining garbage and disposing of residuals in an environmentally sustainable manner — all with the goal of keeping waste management affordable.​



Solid Waste Management Plan, Solid Waste Management Plan Solid Waste Management Plan

Waste reduction and diversion is achieved through:

  • Metro Vancouver’s recycling and waste centres throughout the region
  • Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy Facility
  • the Vancouver Landfill and remote landfills
  • private solid waste facilities handling demolition, land clearing and construction debris
  • local educational programs that empower residents to recycle and reduce their waste
  • engaging with national partners through Metro Vancouver’s National Zero Waste Council.​



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