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Food Scraps
| Metro Vancouver



Recycling Search Tool, Recycling Search ToolRecycling Search Tool<div class="ExternalClassA02C3F59242A49519CAAFF01F99DE5C1"><p>An online tool listing 1000s of regulated places to recycle batteries, cell phones, light bulbs, paint, appliances, TVs and more.</p></div>
Food Scraps, Food ScrapsFood Scraps<div class="ExternalClassB38DB4A8BF4D44E280997EAEA264C578"><p>Metro Vancouver and its members encourage food scraps recycling to reduce landfill waste, reduce methane, and create compost and bioenergy.</p></div>
Clothing, ClothingClothing<div class="ExternalClassA58A0292702144BF8803EE0E55FB60A8"><p>Information on clothing waste reduction in Metro Vancouver and the “Think Thrice About Your Clothes” behaviour change campaign.<br></p></div>
Gypsum, GypsumGypsum<div class="ExternalClassB36C8503273346AFA307E50AB7ECD494"><p>Information on what kind of gypsum can be recycled at Metro Vancouver recycling and waste centres.</p></div>
Recycling Signage and Resources, Recycling Signage and Resources Recycling Signage and Resources<div class="ExternalClass8F736FB1B53941C8A1A49140E8278C67"><p>Materials that can be used or adapted for region-wide use, making it easier for residents recycle and reduce contamination.</p></div>
Disposal Ban Program, Disposal Ban ProgramDisposal Ban Program<div class="ExternalClass6264E438ADC7458C9D705F88D7C13FEF"><p>A summary of materials that are not accepted at Metro Vancouver disposal facilities​.<br></p></div>




About Food Scraps, About Food ScrapsAbout Food Scraps<div class="ExternalClassD701C45470B845DDA757EE64B3C71E20"><p>Information about the Organics Disposal Ban and why we compost food scraps in Metro Vancouver.</p></div>
Residents, Residents Residents <div class="ExternalClass93B9AD3FEDA14C36B676EEE0327A15F6"><p>Tips and information for green-binning at home.</p></div>
Restaurants, Restaurants Restaurants <div class="ExternalClassA6D3C4C9FF6D464AA6644EE7313826D6"><p>Includes tools, case studies, and tips for food scraps recycling in restaurants.<br></p></div>
Grocers, Grocers Grocers <div class="ExternalClass2FF9FFC4ADE54E90BBEE6BCC945F6728"><p>Includes tools, case studies, and tips for food scraps recycling in grocery stores.</p></div>

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