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Metro Vancouver is responsible for developing, implementing, and stewarding Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy.​

In support of Metro 2050, Regional P​lanning analyzes and communicates data, conducts policy research to support and guide decision making, convenes stakeholders on planning issues of common interest, advocates to other levels of government, and acts as a planning resource for municipalities and others.

Regional Planning aspires to provide leadership and innovation by looking at best practices and tools around the world and finding innovative ways to use them in our region.

Metro 2050 is a long range plan that was co-created by all municipalities in the region, as well as TransLink.

Metro 2050 has five goals:​

  • Create a compact urban area
  • Support a sustainable economy
  • Protect the environment and respond to climate change and natural hazards
  • Provide diverse and affordable housing choices
  • Support sustainable transportation choices​​​​​​​



Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy, Metro 2050Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy



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