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Public Safety


​Be prepared

Regional Parks and natural areas may present hazards for the unprepared visitor. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of injury during a visit.

  • Look and listen! Maintain awareness of your surroundings and avoid distraction through use of headphones. 
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. 
  • Don’t venture out alone – bring a friend! 
  • Bring a snack, water and a flashlight on all outings. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear; be prepared for changing conditions. 
  • Check park information kiosks for additional safety information and maps. 
  • Do not use parks at night when they are closed to the public. 
  • Know your limits and allow sufficient time to return before dark. 
  • If you become lost, stay where you are. Make your location as visible as you can and wait for help. 
  • If you have a mobile phone, bring it with you. While coverage is not available in all areas, mobile phones left on are often helpful in recovering lost or injured visitors. 
  • Obey all signs and enjoy your visit.


We share regional parks with many different animals. Even small, seemingly harmless animals can be aggressive.

  • Do not feed wildlife, either by hand or by leaving food behind. 
  • Give animals plenty of space and leave them alone. Observe them from a safe distance and discourage them from coming closer. 
  • If you see a bear, remain calm and back away while speaking in a normal, non-threatening voice. 
  • Avoid behaviour that could be interpreted as aggressive: don’t make direct eye contact, shout or throw things at an animal that is not behaving aggressively. 
  • When using trails with few other people around, warn animals of your presence by talking, clapping or making noise.


Call 9-1-1 for Fire, Ambulance and Police services​

Report suspicious activity to local police, or

Metro Vancouver
​​ 604-432-6200​

​​​​​​ ​​1-800-222-8477

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