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Sewer Overflows
| Metro Vancouver



Wastewater Testing and Environmental Monitoring, Wastewater Testing and Environmental MonitoringWastewater Testing and Environmental Monitoring<div class="ExternalClass17B1AEF5D3164BCFADF8BB6CB0CB61D7"><p>Environmental monitoring information, including wastewater, beaches and recreational waters. ​<br></p></div>
Sewer Overflows, Sewer OverflowsSewer Overflows<div class="ExternalClass53A4A5453ECD4AF397DD67FAB8141D31"><p>Causes and types of overflows, monitoring, and the real-time sewer overflow map. ​<br></p></div>
Testing for the COVID-19 Virus in Wastewater, Testing for the COVID-19 Virus in WastewaterTesting for the COVID-19 Virus in Wastewater<div class="ExternalClass0DDD6CAF65AD4BA782FE0014FAB3E2A0"><p>Current results and trends for each wastewater treatment plant. ​<br></p></div>
Managing Wastewater Odours, Managing Wastewater OdoursManaging Wastewater Odours<div class="ExternalClass12D002AC533A47F592A9833B71B78B03"><p>How Metro Vancouver monitors and addresses odours from sewers and wastewater treatment plants. ​​​<br></p></div>




Real-time Sewer Overflow Map, Real-time Sewer Overflow MapReal-time Sewer Overflow Map<div class="ExternalClass1F40D6DF0B4C4351A2A5F051809C6911"><p> Locations and information on current and historic sewer overflows. <br></p></div>​<br>
About Sewer Overflows, About Sewer OverflowsAbout Sewer Overflows<div class="ExternalClassC2EF868FC13A4D15BA74E73492F6D511"><p>Overview of sewer overflows, including types of overflows and why they happen.​<br></p></div>
Unwanted Water in the Sewer System, Unwanted Water in the Sewer SystemUnwanted Water in the Sewer System<div class="ExternalClass8D4EC87788AB4223815CA669C8802EEC"><p>Ways to reduce water entering the sewer system from private properties.​<br></p></div>

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