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Jervis Pump Station Upgrade




Jervis Pump Station UpgradeJervis Pump Station Upgrade<div class="ExternalClassFAD24A61D1D54DAA89B2EC374C544B9F"><p>The Jervis Pump Station is part of critical sewer infrastructure located at Sunset Beach Park, on the southwest side of downtown in the City of Vancouver. The Jervis Pump Station safely moves wastewater from downtown Vancouver to the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond. Over the next two years, Metro Vancouver will be installing backup power to the Jervis Pump Station as part of our commitment to protecting public health and the environment.</p><p>Metro Vancouver will install a temporary backup generator in fall 2023 to continue to provide reliable power to the pump station during power outages, preventing sanitary sewer overflows in English Bay. Work will begin in October 2023 and is anticipated to be complete in December 2023. The temporary generator will be in place until the permanent generator project is installed in the future. </p><p>Metro Vancouver is working closely with the Vancouver Park Board to ensure the temporary and permanent generators blend well into Sunset Beach Park, preserving its natural beauty. After the completion of the permanent generator project, the temporary generator will be removed and the site will be restored to its pre-construction condition. ​<br></p></div>City of Vancouver








Project activitiesProject activities<div class="ExternalClassAF88904867544E02B88AAD21E3AFA460"><p>Associated construction activities to install the temporary generator will include:</p><ul><li>Excavation and removal of soil</li><li>Delivery of equipment and materials</li><li>Installation of electrical equipment and temporary fencing</li><li>​​Underground cable connection between temporary generator and Jervis Pump Station<br></li></ul></div>
Work hoursWork hours<div class="ExternalClassA6A592EC25D74E8E8DAFDEB0852711E4"><p>Throughout the projects, work will typically occur from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. There may be times when crews will be required to work longer hours to complete certain sections of work. Residents will receive notifications if longer work hours are required. All work will comply with City of Vancouver bylaws or granted bylaw variances.<br></p></div>
EngagementEngagement<div class="ExternalClassE3ED75D80F3C4454BB522708D853EAAD"><p>There will be ongoing communications to the public throughout the project. To receive updates about this project, please see “Contacts” for ways to stay updated with this project.<br></p></div>



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