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Strathearn Court




Strathearn Court Strathearn Court <div class="ExternalClass9AA5DD9484024C83B6926E91AFD864EE"><p>​Strathearn Court is a four-level, wood frame apartment building and 1­­5 three-level townhomes originally constructed in 1984 with a total of 96 residential units. This building envelope rehabilitation project includes replacing the exterior wall cladding, windows and doors, roof membrane, balconies, and ground-level waterproofing over the parking garage. The intent is to give this building a new life cycle and upgrade the outdoor amenity spaces. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassFCA48F3EEE4B424C970B72BA86B613F6"><ul><li>Significant energy improvements will help lower tenant energy bills, improve tenant comfort and make the building more resilient to severe climate events, as well as improving the exterior appearance of the building.</li><li>Tenants were engaged on the design of a new outdoor space. <br></li></ul> </div>, Strathearn Court<div class="ExternalClassD79B25BF952547BFBB8FF31ABFCD3F49"><p>Tenants were engaged throughout the design process. This project is now in the permitting stage. If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager.</p></div>Permitting






Design and permittingDesign and permitting0
Anticipated completion: late 2025​Anticipated completion: late 2025​0



Strathearn Court Strathearn Court <div class="ExternalClass3AC790FD4AF84742B3D760452ED3456E"><ul class="fa-ul"><li> <span class="fa-li"><i class="fa-light fa-envelope"> </i></span> <a href="">​Email</a><br></li></ul></div>

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