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Community Champions


​​​Community Champions work together to foster a sense of community within their housing sites. They take an active role in organizing events, community projects, and simple acts of kindness. These efforts are aimed at bringing people together and cultivating a strong sense of togetherness among residents. Residents are encouraged to collaborate with Metro Vancouver Housing staff to enhance their community. All residents can be Community Champions.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email ​


Promote pride and a sense of ownership


Connect tenants to community resources


Encourage resource sharing and foster connections among neighbors


Share time, skills and energy


Foster self-development and leadership


Community stories

Metro Vancouver tenants actively engage in their communities by organizing seasonal potlucks, block parties, and social events funded through community grants, Community Gardens Programs, and much more. Each community within Metro Vancouver Housing demonstrates its unique strengths and contributions.​

Get inspired! Check out some of the recent initiatives and visit our Community Building Programs page for even more ideas.​



Adelaide Court, RichmondAdelaide Court, Richmond<div class="ExternalClassE1AB698F18044196A32BF0B794646E48"><p>​​Adelaide Court residents have participated in designing and painting of the new play space. Families and children came out to celebrate, socialize and play on the opening day.​</p><p><br></p></div>, 1
Guildford Glen, SurreyGuildford Glen, Surrey<div class="ExternalClass477F610D7D1E4E45AD0A69F6D1555F14"><p>Guildford Glen residents​ have organized events to engage with the community, socialize with neighbours and celebrate many occasions together. Guildford Glen has proudly hosted a Winter Get Together, Yard Sale BBQ, Electronic Recycling Fundraiser, Halloween Party, Summer Potluck, Christmas Craft Workshop and many other exciting events.​​​<br></p></div>,
Habitat Villa, VancouverHabitat Villa, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClass6995BCE4496446508F8C475E3DFDE181"><p>Habitat Villa residents have hosted a number of activities including site-wide Soup Night socials during the winter months, summer potluck parties with live music and dancing, and morning meditation circles. Residents also continue to participate in the Community Gardens Program. In 2020, residents designed and painted a mural to represent their community.​​<br></p></div>, Habitat Villa, Vancouver
Heather Place, VancouverHeather Place, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClass36E6D2C1CE584881BF185936D6D9FC0F"><p>​Heather Place residents ​have enjoyed summer socials with the neighbours over some great food and family fun. The redevelopment of Heather Place provides more building amenities such as multi-purpose play court, community room, community kitchen and outdoor play space for residents to enjoy together.​<br></p></div>, Heather Place, Vancouver
Hemlock Court, VancouverHemlock Court, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClassD51FFC555CCA4F459181E032F12117F7"><p>​Hemlock Court has very avid gardeners participating in the Community Gardens Program.​<br></p></div>, Hemlock Court, Vancouver
Inlet Centre, Port MoodyInlet Centre, Port Moody<div class="ExternalClass5E8FF4F273F647908D3FDB50CD76010E"><p>Inlet Centre residents work closely with a local charity and resident volunteers to bring the Free Food Program to qualifying Inlet Centre residents. The Free Food Program provides fresh, nutritious food, helps with household budgets, and allows tenants to work together as a team.​<br></p></div>, Inlet Centre, Port Moody
Kingston Gardens, SurreyKingston Gardens, Surrey<div class="ExternalClassE9D79DBFD24D4F5A98FC9BD6B4BB4091"><p>​Community gardens at Kingston Gardens have been established and supported by the Kingston Gardens residents. They continue to be very active and enjoy the harvest every gardening season.​<br></p></div>, Kingston Gardens, Surrey
London Square, New WestminsterLondon Square, New Westminster<div class="ExternalClass050309AB683042A9918E0BA83902D12F"><p>​London Square residents have organized summer BBQ socials and movie nights to bring community together. They also put effort into the Community Gardens program.​</p>​ </div>, London Square, New Westminster
Lynden Court, DeltaLynden Court, Delta<div class="ExternalClassC0571A41FD2245EB832B68249A4CF42E"><p>Lynden Court residents organize​ a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest and a Christmas Doors Decorating Contest annually for residents to get into the spirit and have fun with the family.​</p><p> <br> </p></div>, Lynden Court, Delta
Malaspina Village, CoquitlamMalaspina Village, Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClassF281D0ED29D4444FB52C6383F0F43C48"><p>​Malaspina Village residents have participated in an annual Swap Meet & Clean Up Day hosted together with a BBQ p​otluck social. Residents also enjoy the Community Gardens Program every gardening season.​​<br></p></div>, Malaspina Village, Coquitlam
Manor HouseManor House<div class="ExternalClass117F5793217346B790E2E50259E3C8CB"><p>Manor House residents have​ hosted Halloween and Holiday events for all households to participate. Tenant volunteers put together goody bags for all participating children and families.​</p><p> <br> </p></div>, Manor House
Cedarwood Place, RichmondCedarwood Place, Richmond<div class="ExternalClass28A0353D385F4B8AAAE3CEDBCCAC1EA8"><p>Residents of Cedarwood Place often enjoy holiday gatherings, potluck lunches, and tea socials. They have also hosted monthly art club and bi-weekly game days for all to join.​<br></p></div>, Cedarwood Place, Richmond
Maple Vine Court, RichmondMaple Vine Court, Richmond<div class="ExternalClassAFDA4CEC8DEA49B6B3DF879FB3CE9FC8"><p>​Maple Vine Court has many enthusiastic gardeners and the residents continue to support the Community Gardens P​rogram every year.​<br></p></div>, Maple Vine Court, Richmond
McBride Place, New WestminsterMcBride Place, New Westminster<div class="ExternalClass6E648FE65C7A4E06A57F42CE107F8952"><p>​McBride Place ​​residents ​​were awarded the Capital Award project in 2015 and a large covered gazebo was built to provide an meeting space for community events. Residents also participate in the Community Gardens Program.​<br></p></div>, McBride Place, New Westminster
Meridian Village, Port CoquitlamMeridian Village, Port Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClass54F705CCBDC94DB784D8754CA21755CB"><p>​Meridian Village residents are participating in the Free Food Program. Resident volunteers are working with a local charity to provide nutritious fresh food to qualifying residents. Residents continue to be very active in the Community Gardens Program.​​<br></p></div>, Meridian Village, Port Coquitlam
Minato WestMinato West<div class="ExternalClassC41C8BEAA07D4E42B7FE20270A0B6F81"><p>Minato West residents organized a Halloween and Holiday Door Decorating Contests for all households to participate. Residents have also organized an account with Return-It Bottle Depot to raise funds for community events.​<br></p></div>, Minato West
Moray Place, Port MoodyMoray Place, Port Moody<div class="ExternalClassC6EBA9A2C12040018A22E0B5E19EE0A1"><p>​Moray Place residents have participated in the designing and painting of the new play space for children. Families came out to celebrate and socialize on the opening day. Residents have also hosted an outdoor Halloween event for children with games, crafts, and snacks.​<br></p></div>, Moray Place, Port Moody
Ozada Village, CoquitlamOzada Village, Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClass16CE1DD822B14206A2432694ABF04072"><p>​Residents organized and hosted a successful Holiday Pancake Breakfast and enjoyed trimming their Christmas Tree together during the holiday season. Halloween Meet & Greet was held where children were encouraged to wear a costume to be eligible to win a prize.​<br></p></div>, Ozada Village, Coquitlam
Park Court, CoquitlamPark Court, Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClassCFD6CA8A525340368657B7607ED2FF71"><p>​Park Court tenants have​ hosted potluck events for residents and their families. Park Court residents also participate in the Free Food Program, where tenant volunteers work with a local charity to deliver fresh and nutritious food to qualifying families and individuals.​​<br></p></div>, Park Court, Coquitlam
Pinewood Place, North VancouverPinewood Place, North Vancouver<div class="ExternalClass8613F8D87A7F478FB5D4F0934E22EB80"><p>​Pinewood Place residents have organized BBQ potluck events in the summer and Halloween events, including friendly pumpkin carving and costume parties.​<br></p></div>, Pinewood Place, North Vancouver
Ran Beamish, BurnabyRan Beamish, Burnaby<div class="ExternalClassEC49E5EE98514A9A8E7D899EF24944DD"><p>​Ran Beamish residents have organized summer potluck event for ​residents. In 2019 they enjoyed a Global Potluck with traditional foods from different cultures to show their multi-cultural community and painted a mural for their community to represent Ran Beamish Place. ​​<br></p></div>, Ran Beamish, Burnaby
Somerset Gardens, SurreySomerset Gardens, Surrey<div class="ExternalClass39AF3500939647CA8D5E4856E8E74265"><p>Somerset Gardens resident volunteers have organized and hosted Children’s Christmas Parties. The events have been funded through the bottle recycling fundraising program.​<br></p></div>, Somerset Gardens, Surrey
Chateau de Ville, CoquitlamChateau de Ville, Coquitlam<div class="ExternalClassB3BE22214AB04AF6B0969E19DA3CF3EB"><p>​Resident children have participated in various summer programs, such as Jumpstart and Pop-up programs through a local community organization, which provides onsite activities to children and youth.</p><p>Residents participate in a Free Food Program delivered by a local charity every two weeks.</p></div>, Chateau de Ville, Coquitlam
Strathearn Court, VancouverStrathearn Court, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClassFA5C3FAAEA3F46239E524DFA8BB4E782"><p>​For several years residents​ have organized a Winter Door Decorating Contest to engage the community in some holiday cheer.​​<br></p></div>, Strathearn Court, Vancouver
Sutton Place, SurreySutton Place, Surrey<div class="ExternalClassB75F9357A03B43678D423769EA96FF4C"><p>​Sutton Place residents​ actively participate in the Community Gardens program. In the past years, they have hosted a Yard Sale, Canada Day Potluck and a Movie Night for kids. Sutton Place residents are also participating in the Free Food Program where resident volunteers are working with a local charity to provide nutritious, fresh food to qualifying families and individuals.​<br></p></div>, Sutton Place, Surrey
Tivoli Gardens, VancouverTivoli Gardens, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClass198BB4B3D6F3469AAF722EB1C4043735"><p>​A healthy Community Gardens program that was established in loving memory of Carol Standing continues to flourish. Residents are very active in their community and have enjoyed their Summer Potluck BBQs with activities for the whole family.​<br></p></div>, Tivoli Gardens, Vancouver
Crown Manor, New WestminsterCrown Manor, New Westminster<div class="ExternalClass3443AB4760194D5394FCD4AACED59288"><p>Crown Manor residents have organized an annual yard sale and potluck BBQ social event in the summer and a holiday social event in the winter, where residents have enjoyed trimming a Christmas tree together.​<br></p><p> <br> </p></div>, Crown Manor, New Westminster
Earle Adams Village, VancouverEarle Adams Village, Vancouver<div class="ExternalClass52D400B3F49A49CC8B76EF50F0D30495"><p>Earle Adams Village residents have organized various events through-out the years. Canada Day BBQ, summer and winter socials are just a few examples where residents gathered together and had a great time. Community gardens were implemented in 2016 and continue to thrive. A total of 12 garden plots are located on site, including an accessible plot.​<br></p></div>, Earl Adams Village, Vancouver
Epsom Downs, SurreyEpsom Downs, Surrey<div class="ExternalClassA96E612E54884265AA91F4A1690CFC97"><p>​​Epsom Downs residents have​ organized children’s crafts workshops to decorate flower pots for Mother’s Day. Flowers are provided through the Spring Flower Program.​</p><p> <br> </p></div>, Epsom Downs, Surrey
Evergreen Downs, LadnerEvergreen Downs, Ladner<div class="ExternalClass1FD241307E8842018BCFDCD8154440F8"><p>​Members of the community engage through the thriving Community Gardens program. With the Building Envelope Rehabilitation project starting in 2020, community gardens were redesigned to accommodate eight garden plots and seating areas for residents to enjoy.​<br></p></div>, Evergreen Downs, Ladner
Fraserwood, Maple RidgeFraserwood, Maple Ridge<div class="ExternalClass15794FBE2F724DEA8E5AD3DB9F9E96BC"><p>Fraserwood residents organized a “Good Neighbour Design Card Contest” for children and youth. They were invited to draw pictures of what they consider to be a good neighbour or neighbourhood. Cards were printed and available to all residents to thank neighbours for acts of kindness.​<br></p></div>, Fraserwood, Maple Ridge
Greystone Village, BurnabyGreystone Village, Burnaby<div class="ExternalClass28E42AEC483F4AC0935E386919E38693"><p>​Greystone Village residents along with the Eagle Creek Stream Keepers Society have organized stream clean-up days for the whole community to help preserve natural habitats.​<br></p></div>, Greystone Village, Burnaby


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