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Sani-dump Bylaw


Metro Vancouver’s Sani-Dump Bylaw No.346 requires sani-dump operators to only accept waste from recreational vehicles (RVs). This promotes the safe operation of sani-dump facilities and prevents them from discharging harmful or hazardous materials into the wastewater system.



Sani-Dump Bylaw No. 346, Sani-Dump Bylaw No. 346Sani-Dump Bylaw No. 346

Who do​​es th​​e bylaw apply to?

This bylaw applies to all operators of sani-dump facilities, which means any facility that is used or may be used to discharge waste from RVs into the sewer system. Recreational vehicle waste includes domestic waste from holding tanks in trailers, campers, transportable housing units, buses, long-haul truck bathrooms, and other similar vehicles.

Main bylaw re​​quirements

Registration a​nd ​fees

New sani-dump facilities - and existing facilities where ownership has changed - must register with Metro Vancouver and pay a $104 registration fee. Facility owners/operators must register and pay the fee at least 30 days before they start to receive waste from RVs. Fee payment instructions are listed in the registration form.

Register your facility

Accepted m​​aterials

Sani-dump operators must:

  • Only accept and discharge RV waste
  • Not accept any waste from a trucked liquid waste hauling truck, including:
    • portable toilets
    • septic tanks
    • holding tanks
    • sludge
    • non-domestic trucked liquid waste

Facility o​​perations

Sani-dump operators must:

  • Post their proof of registration at a prominent location
  • Post signage advising that only recreational vehicle (RV) waste may be discharged
  • Post signage showing proper procedures for discharging waste
  • Maintain and keep all equipment and facilities in good repair
  • Promptly report to Metro Vancouver all suspected or observed discharges waste other than recreational vehicle (RV) waste
  • Provide access to the sani-dump for inspection by Metro Vancouver
  • Notify Metro Vancouver if the facility stops operating and remove the posted proof of registration

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