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What We Do


​We develop and implement plans, policies, and projects that improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We monitor outdoor air quality and track air emissions in the region to provide the information base for regional air quality and greenhouse gas planning and management efforts. We produce easy-to-read materials to help everyone understand air quality and climate change issues in our region.

We also regulate air quality in the Metro Vancouver region and control residential, industrial, and commercial emissions.

We work collaboratively with many agencies to implement actions within several plans:​




​​Metro Vanc​​ouver's Clean Air Plan (2021) is the regional plan for managing air quality and greenhouse gases over the next 10 years.​



Learn more about the Clean Air Plan, Learn more about the Clean Air Plan Learn more about the Clean Air Plan

​Climate 2050 is Metro Vancouver’s strategy to transition the region to a low carbon, resilient region over the next 30 years. Climate 2050 is developed and implemented in collab​​oration with residents and partners throughout the region, and aligns with the efforts of other levels of government.​



Learn more about Climate 2050, Learn more about Climate 2050Learn more about Climate 2050

For information about Public Consultation related to air quality bylaw and regulation development please see ‘Projects and Initiatives’​



Learn about our Projects and Initiatives, Learn about our Projects and InitiativesLearn about our Projects and Initiatives

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Clean Air Plan, Clean Air PlanClean Air Plan
Climate 2050, Climate 2050Climate 2050
Projects and Initiatives, Projects and InitiativesProjects and Initiatives

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