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Corporate Climate Action


​Metro Vancouver has committed to reduce the emissions from its own operations and activities, as out​lined in the Clean Air Plan and Climate 2050. Metro Vancouver has been reporting its annual corporate greenhouse gas emissions since 2007 as a signatory to the provincial Climate Action Charter.

Metro Vancouver has a Corporate Energy Management Program aimed at reducing its operational carbon footprint through energy efficiency improvements, energy recovery initiatives, and transitioning to lower-carbon energy sources. Metro Vancouver is advancing a number of initiatives to reduce its corporate carbon footprint and provide renewable energy to the region. Metro Vancouver also implements a portfolio of non-energy related projects that have emissions reductions benefits, including avoided forest conversion, ecological area restoration, landfill gas capture, and solid waste reduction projects. These are listed on the Local Carbon Registry.

Climate 2050​​​ Annual Report

The Climate 2050 Annual Report meets Metro Vancouver’s commitment to regular and transparent reporting on progress on the Climate 2050 Strategy, including both corporate and regional climate actions.

Climate 2050 Annual Report



Metro Vancouver 2023 LGCAP Survey Response and Attestation, Metro Vancouver 2023 LGCAP Survey Response and AttestationMetro Vancouver 2023 LGCAP Survey Response and Attestation<div class="ExternalClassC9243D69F35F4B41ABF464E133882483"><p>Metro Vancouver’s 2023 Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP) survey response meets our commitment to publicly report on corporate and regional GHG emissions, and on climate actions taken by Metro Vancouver.​<br></p></div>

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