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Climate Solutions
| Metro Vancouver



Climate 2050, Climate 2050Climate 2050<div class="ExternalClassAD9B0DD5654545F7AD635B91994D28E0"><p>​The Climate 2050 Strategic Plan will guide our region's policies and collective actions to transition our region to a low carbon future, increasing the health, well-being, and prosperity of residents.​<br></p></div>
Corporate Climate Action, Corporate Climate ActionCorporate Climate Action<div class="ExternalClass4DAC0D14F66342939FF5ADFEB92F2F0F"><p>Actions to help meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets within our own operations.</p></div>
Regional Climate Projections and Adaptation, Regional Climate Projections and AdaptationRegional Climate Projections and Adaptation<div class="ExternalClassD7A9EB3255F74E8F8BF78E2E7A30F3F2"><p>What will the future climate look like in our region? What impacts will climate change have on our infrastructure and services and how can we adapt?​<br></p></div>
Climate Solutions, Climate SolutionsClimate Solutions<div class="ExternalClass8D5D1136FA5741FDB0759F7D45780B4F"><p>​We work with many partners to implement programs that reduce greenhouse gases and to provide solutions that address climate change.</p></div>




Electric Vehicles, Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicles<div class="ExternalClass05F700D8C68E4B3581FFD85F3AD92F2F"><p>Metro Vancouver has worked with several partners on the “Emotive: The Electric Vehicle Experience” campaign which promotes electric vehicles.</p></div>
EV Strata Condo, EV Strata CondoEV Strata Condo<div class="ExternalClassFC96AF8EAD794D3091D78348A6ECBAEA"><p>Setting up electric vehicle charging in stratified buildings can be a complex process. This website walks EV owners, strata councils, and property managers through typical steps in the process.​<br></p></div>

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