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Ambient Air Quality Objectives


Metro Vancouver establishes outdoor air quality objectives to protect public health and the environment. Our air quality objectives are some of the most stringent in the world.​​​

Metro Vancouver establishes ambient air quality objectives for the region, which are typically used to:
  • ​Assess and provide context to current or historical air quality and trends;
  • Guide air management decisions, such as issuance of air permits for new or modified facilities;
  • Guide decisions on air quality advisories or bulletins;
  • Develop long-term air quality management strategies and evaluate progress; and
  • Support development of air quality regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives.
Metro Vancouver’s air quality objectives should not be viewed as levels to “pollute up to”. They
should be considered as part of the Board’s commitment to continuous improvement in air quality.



Ambient Air Quality Objectives, Ambient Air Quality ObjectivesAmbient Air Quality Objectives<div class="ExternalClassB215F14F65184FA88F0FCBBA8122D7A2"><p>This document provides information about Metro Vancouver’s current ambient air quality objectives.</p></div>

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