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Number of water samples analyzed from source reservoirs, water treatment plants and distribution system





<div class="ExternalClassDD935123531E4F9BAB75ED0E24562BF7"><p>​This indicator shows the number of water samples the Metro Vancouver Water Services Laboratories receives, tests and analyzes on an annual basis for water quality from strategic locations throughout the regional water system. In general, approximately four tests are conducted on each sample received. The anal.yses, which are used to monitor and ensure water quality standards are met, are performed every day of the year and are in accordance with the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation​</p></div>Number of Water Samples Analyzed from Source Reservoirs, Water Treatment Plants and Distribution System





<div class="ExternalClass02EDA5A1C9B7488C86FA0C81D9EBDADE"><p>​from source reservoirs, water treatment plants and distribution system</p></div>35,224samples352Water Services: Interagency Projects and Quality Control

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