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Hectares of Land with a Metro 2040 Agricultural Designation





<div class="ExternalClass84017195918A4D799A07F98E10B76D39"><p>Every parcel of land in the region has one of six regional land use designations (Agricultural, Conservation and Recreation, General Urban, Industrial, Mixed Employment, and Rural). The regional land use designations set out the intended uses, and what uses may not be appropriate, on these lands.  The regional land use designations strike a balance by setting out the regional interest in land use while still allowing municipalities the flexibility to meet local land use objectives.</p><p>This indicator shows agricultural areas within Metro Vancouver that are intended primarily for agricultural uses, facilities and supporting services with an emphasis on food production. </p><p><a href="/services/regional-planning/regional-growth-strategy" target="_blank">More information about Metro 2040 amendments</a>​<br></p></div>Hectares of Land with a Metro 2040 Agricultural Designation


The corporate performance objective in the annual work plan is no loss in hectares of land in comparison to 2017. There is no target in Metro 2040 for this measure. 

H​istorical benchmark/baseline (2011): 55,313 hectares of land with a Metro 2040 Agricultural Designation. 

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<div class="ExternalClass4C16867CBAFB466EBAC050E953F0482C">​​​with a ​ <a href="/services/regional-planning/metro-2050-the-regional-growth-strategy" target="_blank">Metro 2040</a> Agricultural Designation</div>55,530hectares320Regional Planning

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