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Percentage of dwelling unit growth within Urban Centres


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<div class="ExternalClassFE813D3F54A046B7B973B928E36C9D1E"><p>By focusing growth in Urban Centres and Frequent Transit Development Areas, rather than by spreading growth across lands with a General Urban designation within the Urban Containment Boundary, municipalities create the critical mass for jobs and services and the efficient delivery of transit, sewers, and other infrastructure.​ This indicator shows the percentage of dwelling unit growth occurring within Urban Centres.</p></div>Percentage of Dwelling Unit Growth Within Urban Centres


​​Historical benchmark/baseline (2011): 26% of total dwelling units within Urban Centres (UC)​



<div class="ExternalClass040B01A29321447D8D62DDD0CC198881"><p>located within Urban Centres</p></div>40%of dwelling unit growth320Regional Planning

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