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Regional Parks




<div class="ExternalClassCA1AEFF6337042629847883ABEC31C53"><p>The Regional Parks function comprises all 23 members within Metro Vancouver and provides a regional park system that consists of 13,900 hectares of parkland with 23 regional parks, 5 greenways, 2 ecological conservancy areas, and 3 regional reserves serving over 14 million visitors annually. The Regional Parks function is guided by the <a href="/about-us/Documents/board-strategic-plan-update-may-2021.pdf" target="_blank">Board Strategic Plan</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">Regional Parks Plan</a>.</p></div>



Area of Regional Parkland, Area of Regional ParklandArea of Regional Parkland<div class="ExternalClass0B9005396F0544A7853C1FB1B897530C"> of regional parkland managed by Metro Vancouver<br></div>13,938hectaresmv-border-green
Participants in Park Programming, Participants in park programmingParticipants in Park Programming<div class="ExternalClassED22C5BFE523419EB6C7A04FA75385B5"><p>in interpretive programs and special events<br></p></div>49,828 participantsmv-border-green
Visits to Regional Parks, Visits to regional parksVisits to Regional Parks<div class="ExternalClass74A2442F3CA0455EB814B8D8EACE3F22"><p>to Metro Vancouver Regional Parks<br></p></div>14,467,000visitsmv-border-green
Volunteer Hours, Volunteer hoursVolunteer Hours<div class="ExternalClassD0375F1F09F648EDB22A56A21CBA178A"><p>of volunteer time</p></div>18,022 hoursmv-border-green

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