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Annual volume of wastewater collected and treated





<div class="ExternalClass2FBFD890306E452786FC6BEEE75B5EFA"><p>Total annual volume of wastewater collected and treated at the five regional wastewater treatment plants in accordance with regulatory requirements. This metric shows how wastewater volumes are trending on a year-to-year basis.</p><p><a href="/services/liquid-waste/wastewater-treatment-plants-and-processes" target="_blank">Find out how the region's wastewater is treated</a>​​</p></div>Annual Volume of Wastewater Collected and Treated




<div class="ExternalClassF1542C6047DB454A992656B0B80D71F9"><p>of wastewater collected and treated​<br></p></div>435,178ML284Liquid Waste: Operations & Maintenance


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